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80161 Table Review

This Lifetime adjustable-height table was purchased by one of our employees for home use. Below is a copy of his review." I purchased this product to use as a standing computer desk table. I currently have had the table set at the 36-inch setting and place my laptop on top to allow me to stand while working. The 36-inch height setting, I thought would be wobbly, but is actually very sturdy. When placing my hand on the table and forcing the table side to side, it will move maybe 1/4-inch from side to side. It has been more than stable and tall enough for me to use as a computer desk. The table is easily adjusted up and down. When adjusting upwards, I adjusted one side up one setting at a time. The height-adjustment mechanism uses a push pin to move the table top up and down. Overall, it has been a very good table for me after about 2 weeks of use." Lifetime Products makes a variety of table product that are useful for many different situations. Make sure you find the product that most closely matches your intended use. Most times, product with reviews will help you determine what uses have worked for other customers before you, and what uses have not. Here are some additional details you might find useful for understanding the uses and functionality of this folding table. Engaging the Adjusting Mechanism[caption id="attachment_436" align="aligncenter" width="431"]Engaging the height adjustment mechanism using push pins in the folding legs Engage the height-adjustment mechanism by pushing in the pins on the folding legs.[/caption] View YouTube Video of the Lifetime 80161 Adjust Leg TableLifetime Folding Tables - 80161 Almond 4 ft. Adjustable Height TableLifetime folding tables model 80161 features adjustable-height legs and a 4-foot x 2-foot almond-colored table top. The table top height can be adjusted to 22 inches, 29 inches, and 36 inches. Order your Lifetime adjustable-height tables here.Read more ...[amazonjs asin="B008TL3BBW" locale="US" title="Linen Tablecloth 4 ft. Rectangular Stretch Tablecloth White"]"Our 4 foot rectangular stretch tablecloth in white offers a modern, contemporary look. The sleek, clean lines of our stretch tablecloths are perfect for your wedding, reception, special event or trade show. Stretch table covers are machine washable a ..."Read more ...



Date 11/8/2013

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Date 12/19/2013

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