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Basketball Backboard Sizes First Team Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop with 72 Inch Glass Backboard on Amazon
To start off this section, we should note that a regulation backboard is 72 inches wide and 42 inches high. Most basketball systems, however, do not have this large of a backboard. There are a large number of mini basketball hoops available, which we will not consider. We will consider basketball hoops made by Lifetime Products, Spalding, Huffy, Goalsetter, and Goalrilla product offerings that have systems that can have the rim reach 10 feet. In this group of available basketball systems, backboards widths can be as small as 44 inches wide and as big as a regulation-sized backboard. Here are some more details for each size group.

Small Basketball Backboard Sizes: 44 inches to 48 inches

Small basketball backboards are typical on basketball hoops priced under $300. These backboard systems will normally be made with plastic, polycarbonate, or acrylic. For these backboard sizes, they are available on in-ground, portable, and wall-mount basketball systems. The poles on the in-ground and portable system options will normally be 2.75 inches to 3.5 inches round.

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Medium Basketball Backboard Sizes: 50 inches to 54 inches

These mid-sized backboard encompass systems in both the high end and low end of systems. Basketball hoops with these backboard sizes are typically priced between $300 to $1199.00. In the cheaper part of that spectrum, the backboards will be made of polycarbonate and acrylic. Those systems with these backboard materials are normally priced below $499.00. Where this backboard size category shifts into the higher-priced systems is when the backboard material is tempered glass. All of the above-mentioned manufacturers will have tempered glass backboard systems in this size category.

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Large Basketball Backboard Sizes: 60 inches and 72 inches

These basketball backboards are almost exclusively made with tempered glass, with a few acrylic backboard options. Systems with this size of backboard are also almost exclusively in-ground goals, with only a couple of portable options. Goalsetter, makes a wall-mount backboard system in both a 60-inch and 72-inch backboard size. These basketball systems will also have larger poles (for in-ground and portable options). These poles are typically 5x5 inch and 6x6 inch sizes, with a couple of options with an 8x8 inch size.

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