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Best Barns Pinewood 14' wide 16-28 Ft. Long 2-Story Wood Shed Barn Kit
Best Barns Pinewood 14' wide 16-28 Ft. Long 2-Story Wood Shed Barn Kit

Best Barns Pinewood 14' wide 16-28 Ft. Long 2-Story Wood Shed Barn Kit

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Looking to add on an extra garage, office or workshop? The Pinewood is perfect for your needs and includes 2 Stories of Space
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One 9-Lite 32"x80" Included
50 Year Warranty on Siding
Windows with Shutters Included
2 Story Building

Pinewood 14'x16', 14'x20', 14'x24', and 14'x28'.  Your shed at contractor pricing!

This is a do-it-yourself shed kit, complete with easy-to-follow instructions, free customer service assembly support, and designed to be customized.  It's designed so that once it's built, the customer can paint it to match their home or surrounding buildings.  Save money on builders by building it yourself.  These are our contractor prices!  These kits require no special tools or advanced skills.  These kits include lumber from Sweden and Germany which require a more stringent grading system than US standards ensuring that you get the best lumber.

The Pinewood is a great option for a storage shed, workshop, or garage.  The 14' width provides many options to suit your needs.  It's available in 16', 20', 24', and 28' lengths.  

Two separate loft areas offer additional storage or work areas.  Decorative fixtures such as porch, railing, lights, flowers, car, etc are not included.


Note: Some cities and counties may require that you get a building permit.  Contact your local city office building to find out what city requirements you may have.  

Be sure to check your local neighborhood HOA covenants and CCR's if applicable.  Click on the "Instruction" tab to see the permit document your city may need.


7-Days a Week Technical Support is Included with the Kit

All Hardware: Including door hinges, latch, nails, and glue. The doors are pre-built making it easy to install.  All other components are precut with the exception of the siding and roofing that only require straight cuts using a circular saw.  Continue reading below to see the other included features.



The siding included is primed  and ready for latex painting to match your home.  It is a solid 3/8" thick with cedar texture.  The siding is vertical (as opposed to horizontal) creating a more attractive plank look.  The type of siding is called Smart Panel, by Louisiana-Pacific, creating a visual beauty of real wood with the strength and durability of an engineered product.  It is superior to plywood as it's made with wood strands and pressed into a resin saturated substrate.  A cedar texture is embossed into the substrate and is quality checked avoiding knot holes and patches.  It is also treated to prevent fungal decay and insect damage.  This very siding is commonly used on homes.  The siding includes a 50 year limited warranty through the manufacturer.   



The Pinewood includes all windows shown in the stock photo (also shown below).  These measure 24"x36" and include an attractive aluminum frame.  The windows provide ventilation to the shed, are lockable, and easy to operate.  They, of course, include a screen.


The Pinewood comes with an 8' wide 7' tall barn door shown below with the traditional barn door pattern and hinges.  These double doors include built-in transom windows and provide a generous opening to use for various vehicles including ATV's, tractors, riding mowers, etc.  The opening can provide daylight when working on a project.  It also includes a 9-lite front entry door that measures 32" wide x 80" tall.  This door swings inward (shown below).  Doors are lockable.




The second-floor loft area is ready to assemble and includes two loft areas providing up to 336 square feet of additional space.   The second-floor loft areas include 6'2" of headroom.  Great for storing seasonal decorations, smaller boxes, patio cushions, and seasonal equipment.  The floor consists of heavy-duty 5/8" OSB board supported with 2/8's tightly spaced at 16" apart.  This loft has two sides and is open in the center.  The opening is 32"-48" (depending on the shed size you choose during checkout) and is 14' wide.  This does not include a ladder as customers often customize their ladder or have ladder preferences to suit their needs.


Trusses: The heavy-duty pre-cut trusses provide a fast and accurate assembly.  They have been engineered to withstand wind gusts up to 160mph (3-second gusts). They also have a high-rated 60lbs per square foot snow load rating.  Hurricane truss hangers are also included to provide extra rigidity.  There is some cutting involved, but not much and it's simple.  The instructions will instruct you to install the roof sheathing in a certain pattern.  As you reach the end of the roof you'll be asked to cut the last pieces to fit.  The cuts are all straight cuts that can easily be done with a circular saw.  

Shingles: These are not included with the kit.  Most sheds do not include shingles or a "drip-edge" for one very important reason.  Customers want them to match their home or their color choice of shed.  Shingles and drip edges come in hundreds of colors, shapes, and styles.  Not to worry though.  Shingles are sold at home improvement stores and are simple to install.  Scroll down to the checklist below to see how many bundles of shingles to purchase.  If this sounds intimidating take a look at this video to put your mind at ease on just how simple installing the roofing material can be.



The wall framing and siding is all pre-cut to make your installation experience fast and accurate.  They are spaced {{wall-framing-spacing}} apart to provide a sturdy and rigid frame. The exterior siding is primed and ready to paint.  There is some cutting involved, but not much and it's simple.  The instructions will instruct you to install the siding in a certain pattern.  As you reach the end of the wall you'll be asked to cut the last pieces to fit.  The cuts are all straight cuts that can easily be done with a circular saw.  



The larger sheds do not have a flooring option.  The customer will need to build a wood floor or pour a cement slab on which to build the storage shed.


Shed Size Specs


Fast Shipping: Orders for the Pinewood Kit generally leave the warehouse within 3-5 business days.

Accurate Tracking: Tracking information is emailed to you after the order ships out.

Delivery Details: This shed ships directly from the warehouse in Greenville, PA.  This item ships via a curbside delivery LTL carrier (on a semi-truck). The truck will have a liftgate to lower it to the ground similar to the one shown in the photo below.  The freight carrier is instructed to call to set up a delivery appointment.  When signing for the delivery it is important to have the driver note any damage on his or her paperwork.  Damage is rare.  Please let us know if you run into any issues and we will get you taken care of.


Your Checklist:

Check with your city if you plan on getting a permit for this shed.

Check your neighborhood covenants.

Purchase paint locally.

Purchase shingles locally (14x16 needs 17 bundles, 14x20 needs 19 bundles, 14x24 needs 22 bundles, 14x28 needs 26 bundles.)

Purchase roof paper to go under shingles (14x16 needs about 500 square feet, 14x20 needs 600 square feet, 14x24 needs 700 square feet, 14x 28 needs 800 square feet.)

Don't forget the roof paper and roofing shingle nails.

Purchase Roof 'drip' Edge-10' example shown below (14x16 needs 10 pieces, 14x20 needs 11 pieces, 14x24 needs 12 pieces, 14x28 needs 13 pieces.)