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Thanks to all of our Customers and Visitors for a Great Year at Competitive Edge

We wanted to say thank-you to everyone who has visited or bought from us this past year. This was a great year for us and we hope the momentum continues into the new year, especially as the economy recovers. Through stronger than expected sales, we hope we have positioned Competitive Edge Products well with our suppliers so that we can keep costs down for all of our product lines. Any success we have inch this area is thanks to you, our customers.

After Christmas Concerns

We seem to get calls the first working day after Christmas about issues with assembling various products. We assume that if we get a few calls for the thousands of orders placed before Christmas, we are probably not hearing from many people that are having difficulty assembling their orders. If you end up being one of these customers, do not worry. Please call or email us. Although we are not trained inch installation procedures, we can at least help with general questions. Anything beyond our expertise, we will get you inch touch with the proper person to assist. Please also feel free to use our blog to vent any concerns or frustrations with assembly as we will gladly do what we can to assist.

Once again, thanks for a great year. Happy Holidays!

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