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Which shed is right for you?

Below you'll notice an in-depth chart comparing Lifetime's 15 ft storage sheds.  At the time of this article there are 5 main options to choose from.  Since they don't differ in size you can probably count on any of them getting the job done for you.  The main difference would be whether or not they have dual-entry doors.  Each shed has at least one set of double doors with a 57" wide opening to accommodate most riding mowers, ATV's, wheel barrows, and more.  The dual entry (2 sets of double doors) serves two main purposes.  You can roll your equipment in one door and out the other for convenient entry and exit.  Also, having two sets of doors allows you to utilize storage more efficiently.  Piling a shed full of boxes and equipment means walking through 15' to get to the box you are looking for.  The dual entry minimizes that as you have better access to your stuff.  

Other Minor Differences
The other differences include the number of skylights, color of the shed, number of shelves, wall hooks, and peg strips - all relatively minor differences, but worth pointing out.  Our best seller you ask?  That would be the model 60079.  If you need assistance in picking the right shed for your needs give us a call at 866-308-5484 or email us at [email protected].
If the chart below isn't loading, please feel free to view it full size in a new browser tab by clicking here.

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