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Comparing Lifetime Deck and Patio Storage Boxes
What's the difference between all the Lifetime Brand Deck Boxes? 
In short, the size is the biggest difference.  The sizes they make are 80-gallon, 116-gallon, 130-gallon, 150-gallon, and if you really need a lot of extra volume, consider the Horizontal Storage Shed that are 6' wide.  The next important feature besides the size is the color.  You'll want something that blends in best with your backyard colors.  

They are all earth-tone colors with one exception.  The 60348 Deck box is marketed as a Dock Box for Fishing and Boating Docks.  Those come in arctic white only and they are also the only Lifetime deck box that anchors to the docking surface.  The other models are desert tan, brown, carbonized gray, and some have lids that may be a different color than the rest of the box - see the comparison chart below for details.  

All of them include handles, padlock loops, 10-year warranties, can be used as a bench, and have non-slam spring hinges.  Lastly, if you are concerned about where they are made, please note that all of them are Made in the USA with the exception of the 60089 & 60186 which are made in Vietnam and the 60254 which is made in China. 

These are high quality deck boxes.  If you've ever owned a deck box that has warped and bent due to summer heat or even cracked due to unusually high wind tipping it over, then you have found a product that will not disappoint.  The Lifetime brand is the standard in the Deck Box Market.

Lifetime Deck Box Comparison Chart

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Bruce M.

Date 6/13/2021

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