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Comparing the Duramate, Yardmate, and Sidemate Sheds
Duramax has many different sheds.  Navigating through each of them and finding the right fit for you can be a challenge.  We've created the chart below to allow you to see the differences between Duramax's sheds, specifically, the Duramate, Yardmate, Storemate, and Sidemate Sheds.
The first thing to consider are the size differences.  The Sidemate comes in only one size of 4 x 8 and is designed to be placed next to another building or structure.  The door can be placed on either side and can swing in either direction.  The Yardmate is a step up in size coming in at 5 x 3, 5 x 5, and 5 x 8.  It also has double doors allowing more light and larger equipment.  Plus, it's the only of these sheds that actually includes a floor.  What?  There are sheds that don't include floors?  Doesn't every shed need a floor?  Answer: not necessarily.  
Many people prefer to put their shed directly on a concrete slab and want to use the concrete slab as their floor.  The Duramate come with no type of floor or foundation kit.  People generally place them on the ground or they purchase a foundation kit separately.  I personally recommend a foundation kit or buidling a wooden base for one important reason.  Nobody wants a wet floor inside their shed.  The foundation kit and wooden base raise it up so that you aren't standing in water and your stuff isn't getting wet.  
But, isn't the foundation kit just a frame?  How do you walk around on a frame without tripping around?  That's a great question.  The foundation kit is not a floor.  It's galvanized and super heavy duty, but if you want a floor you'll need to purchase plywood and set it on the foundation kit - that ends up being your floor.  Another option is filling the foundation with concrete.  The ensures that the floor (now being concrete) is raised up keeping your items dry and protected.  You can also build a wooden base, but it's often cheaper to use the metal foundation kit and simply set plywood on top. 
What other differences are there besides the door size and the floor/foundation options?  Not much really.  The Storemate does include 1 window and that looks nice and lets in some light.  They are different colors as you can see in the chart, but they are all made with a similar frame and structure.  The vinyl is maintenance free and won't fade.  They all have a 15-year warranty and a 20lb per square foot snow load capacity.  Assembly is easy.  Most customers assemble these themselves.  If you hire it out you can use a handyman.  You don't need a contractor by any means.  
We recommend the app or site called Thumbtack.  There is free technical support if you are assembling it yourself and you have a question.  

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