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Competitive Edge Shipping Policy is Designed To Ensure that Orders are Completed Properly

The nature of online purchases is full of uncertainty and trust. Will I get my package by a certain date? When will I get my package? How is the package shipped? When will it ship? Do I have to be available for the delivery? These questions are best answered with Competitive Edge | Shipping Policy. This post will just focus on the most important details: How is my order shipped? And, can I get my package delivered by a certain date? All other questions will hopefully be answered under these two headings.

How is my order shipped with Competitive Edge?

This question is best answered with some details about the specific product you are wanting to purchase. In general, most small packages, those weighing 75 lbs. or less are shipped via a small package carrier like UPS or FedEx. Other, larger packages are typically shipped via an LTL carrier like ABF, Roadway, Old Dominion, or Estes Express. Depending on the carrier, we can also typically determine an approximate delivery time. For most small package shipments, delivery occurs within 5 business days when shipped within the 48 United States. Larger items are typically about 6 or 7 business days inch transit. Shipping to off continent or Alaska locations can vary widely inch delivery times from 10 to 15 business days.

Package or Product Damaged inch Transit?

While damage inch transit for our product is rare, we do see it happen some times. This problem is easily remedied. With freight shipments, delivery requires a signature. We ask the customer to inspect that product at the time of delivery and not any damage with the carrier at the time of delivery. After that, please contact Competitive Edge and a representative will file the replacement order request with the respective supplier. No further action is required at this point. After we have reported the problem to the proper supplier, they will file a freight claim with the delivery company. At this point, the freight company will decide if they want to salvage the order by picking it back up, or if they just want to have the customer destroy the product on site. In either case, your Competitive Edge Products representative will inform you. If the delivery is through FedEx, UPS, or some other parcel post delivery, simply let us know that the product was damaged and we will have our supplier file a freight claim and reship the product. Once again, the delivery company may or may not want to pick up the order so your Competitive Edge representative will let you know.

My order is missing parts. What should I do now?

This issue is by far the most rare with any of our shipments (along the lines of probably 1 inch 1,000 shipments), but does occur every now and then. Once again, we will take care of the issue for you. Most all of our products are shipped directly from our suppliers and leave the warehouse inch brand new shape. If upon receiving your package you find that parts are missing, simply take not of those parts and let us know. We will get inch touch with the respective supplier and make sure the proper parts are shipped to you. Sometimes our supplier will expedite this shipment and sometimes they will not. Please take note of this possibility as we cannot make any guarantees of whether a replacement part will be expedited or not. Please also let us know if you are under any sort of time constraint with needing the replacement parts missing inch an order as we will make every attempt to have our suppliers expedite this parts to you.

Do you expedite shipments?

Yes we do. Please note that if you complete the order online, no matter the shipping option you select at checkout, the shipment is being shipped standard ground, i.e. 3-6 business days inch transit depending on your proximity to the warehouse the product is shipping from. To expedite a shipment, please contact us by phone or email and a Competitive Edge representative will get a shipping estimate for you. Only after you have paid for the expedite shipping through the assistance of a Competitive Edge Products representative will an order be expedited as per your request with the representative.

Do I need to be available to accept delivery?

In some cases you do and other you do not. If your order is for an LTL item (usually for bigger products like 8 ft. tables, 60 and 72 inch round tables, larger basketball systems with 1-piece poles, any shed, etc.) a signature is required upon delivery. If your order is being shipped via a small package delivery, i.e. FedEx and UPS, the delivery is done with the driver placing the package at your doorstep, no signature required. Lastly, if you have expedited an order (please see the above paragraph), you must be there no matter what company is carrying the package. If you have any questions about whether or not you need to be present at the time of delivery, please ask a Competitive Edge representative by phone or email.



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