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Coupon Codes are still active for several products with Competitive Edge Products, Inc.

The following Competitive Edge Products coupon codes are still available through December 9, 2011 for your Christmas shopping or just to save money.
  • cheap71523
  • cheap1558
  • cheap2971
  • cheap2970
  • cheap98856
  • cheap98862
  • cheap98874
  • cheap 90157
  • cheap90056
Each of these coupon codes takes off a certain dollar amount from each product. Use the numbers of the coupon code for the applicable product SKU on the Competitive Edge website. Details of the coupon code are available on the product listing. Also check out some crazy low special prices on Kayak products. Also check out some deals on a wide range of product deals. If you would like a coupon code for another product like us on our Facebook Competitive Edge Products profile and like us on our Facebook Portable Basketball Hoop profile. After you have liked us on these two profiles, contact us by phone at 801-732-0601 or by email / Facebook message and we will give you $5 off an order over $15.Coupon Code ProductsLifetime 5' Round Tables 12 Pack with White Granite Color Top12 PACK (FREE SHIPPING) 2970 Lifetime Round Folding Tables 60 inches White Granite Molded Top, 1.125 in diameter Gray Hammer Tone Folding Frame. Very sturdy steel frame with a high density polyethylene plastic top. Lifetime 5' Round Tables 12 Pack with Almond Color Top2971 60 inch Lifetime Round Folding Tables with a 60 inch diameter Almond Molded Top, 1.125 inch diameter Bronze Hammer Tone Folding Frame. Order your Lifetime Round Folding Tables in bulk here. Lifetime Atlas Portable Basketball Hoop 1558 52-inch Shatter Guard BackboardFree shipping to the lower 48 States for the Lifetime Atlas portable basketball system. Low price guarantee for all Lifetime basketball products. Lifetime Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game - 90056 Electronic Basketball GameThis Lifetime Double Shot is great for indoor tournaments, family gatherings, recreation rooms, and fundraisers. Infrared optics keep accurate track of points with great sound effects. Lifetime Camouflage Kayak - 10-Foot 90157 Sit-on-Top Fishing KayakLifetime camouflage kayak model 90157 sit-on-top fishing kayak. This kayak measure a spacious 10 ft. With a weight limit of 500 lbs., this kayak can set up to 3 people. The size of this kayak is well-suited for adult use. Order your Lifetime kayaks here.



Date 4/25/2014

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