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How Lifetime Products structures their Folding Tables and Folding Chair Prices:

For almost all models of Lifetime table and Lifetime chair, Lifetime offers different packaging configurations. For tables, those typically consist of single pack, a 4 pack, and a pallet load of the particular models. Pallet load quantities vary per model, but typically range inch size from 10 pieces per pallet to 22 pieces per pallet. Due to the nature of online shopping and shipping costs for small packages, Lifetime Products does not offer a single pack of their chair models. If you do find a single pack online, the cost per chair is likely astronomically and is typically offered by a reseller that warehouses their own inventory. For everyone else, those who ship directly from Lifetime, they offer the chairs inch a 4 pack and a pallet load. Once again, the pallet load varies on the model of chair, but typically includes 28-34 folding chairs. By thus structuring their product packaging, you get pricing discounts built inch with higher volume purchases. Most likely, the pallet loads are less expensive inch shipping or price per unit or both than the 4 pack, and the 4 pack is less expensive then the single pack.

Pricing Discounts for higher volume purchases

Competitive Edge Products takes this pricing structure one step further by offering volume discounts on pallet loads. For most pallet loads, this volume discount applies beginning with purchases of 2 or more pallet loads. Some have further discount tiers as well. Please note that while we do offer these products with volume discounts, if a particular packaging configuration of a product has a sale price (marked inch red) that the volume tiers are not used and defaults to the likely lower sale price. Lastly, if you are ordering a large volume of products, either beyond our available volume tiers or a series of other products all together, please contact us if you are needing our prices to compete with any other online dealer. When packaging large volumes of products together, we often get a discount per item inch shipping costs. We will gladly give you an even better price, as per the product wanted and the shipping costs we incur to get the order to you.

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