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Goalsetter Basketball Goal External Champion 48 in. Acrylic Backboard
Goalsetter Basketball Goal External Champion 48 in. Acrylic Backboard

Goalsetter Basketball Goal External Champion 48 in. Acrylic Backboard

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Signature Series Champion basketball system Goalsetter. 48 in backboard, 4x4 pole, limited lifetime warranty. External height adjustment. Home Court Flex rim.
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SKU:SSCHAE by Goalsetter
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High-end quality at consumer-friendly price
Made in the U.S.A. in Iowa
Sturdy 48" x 32" acrylic backboard
Lifetime warranty on system
External height adjustment system

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Signature Series - Goalsetter Champion 48 inch Acrylic Backboard - External Height Adjustment System.

Goalsetter basketball systems provide a great high-end quality system for a consumer-end price. These products are made entirely in the U. S. A. in Iowa. The Champion model provides a sturdy 48 in. x 32 in. rectangular acrylic backboard. The acrylic measures a 3/8" thick. The backboard is also framed with a 1 1/2 inch steel framework for added support. Goalsetter warranties these products for the lifetime of the system. Product comes with the Home Court Flex rim.

Goalsetter Basketball Goals Signature Series Champion Features and Specs:

48 inch Acrylic Backboard
  • 48 in. x 32 in. tempered acrylic backboard, measuring 3/8" thick.
  • 1 1/2 inch steel backboard frame.
  • Straight extension arms.
  • Nylon bushings at each connection point.
  • 2.5 Ft. of clearance between the back of the backboard and the pole.
  • Glass backboards give you a better rebound than acrylic backboards.
  • Acrylic backboards are covered under Goalsetter's warranty for both residential and non residential uses. Glass backboards are only covered for residential use.
Pole and Height Adjustment
  • 4x4 inch square pole.
  • 1-piece pole made with 7-gauge steel.
  • Pole anchors into the ground via a wedge-anchor system.
  • Hinge-system allows for complete assembly of the basketball system before the product is raised to its final upright position. Eliminates the need of a scaffold for assembly.
  • Rim is height adjustable from 6 Ft. to 10 Ft.
  • Adjustment mechanism is external, meaning the parts are mostly outside of the main pole.
  • Turn crank for height adjustments is at about shoulder height on an adult. Helps to keep the crank out of reach of children and is cheaper in price when compared to the internal model.
Other Specs and Features
  • Product weighs about 290 lbs.
  • Product ships from Iowa via an LTL freight carrier.
  • Typically leaves the warehouse within 1 business day and arrives within 6 business days of transit time.
  • Made in the U. S. A.
  • Steel parts covered in 2 coats of acrylic enamel primer, which is baked on to help resist rusting.
  • Comes with the Home Court Flex rim.

Competitive Edge Products, Inc. will try to match or beat any competitor's advertised price on the Goalsetter Champion Acrylic Backboard External height adjustment basketball hoop (price of the product + any shipping costs).

Why purchase an acrylic backboard over a glass backboard?

Acrylic backboards have more "wiggle" to them than glass backboards. As far a playability, that "wiggle" absorbs some of the impact of the ball. Thus, a ball that hits the backboard will have some of the impact absorbed by the backboard before the ball rebounds off. Goalsetter attempts to minimize this effect through the steel structure of the backboard frame and the thickness of the acrylic. The other benefit of the acrylic backboard is that the warranty will cover the backboard for both residential (at your home) and non residential (at a city park) use.

Goalsetter Rims

Double Ring Static Rim:

  • Ideal For Institutional Use
  • Universal Back Plate Fits All Goalsetter Boards
  • Steel Welded Net Hooks
  • 15 Degrees Deflection With 130 lbs. of Down Pressure
  • Double Welded Steel Rings For Heavy Use
  • Meets High School, NCAA, NFHS & NAIA Rim Standards
  • Five Year Limited Warranty

Collegiate Breakaway Rim:

  • Double Compression Springs
  • 15 Degrees Deflection With 130 lbs. of Down Pressure
  • Collegiate Arena Style
  • Welded Steel Net Hooks
  • Meets High School, NCAA, NFHS, and NAIA Rim Standards
  • Five Year Limited Warranty

Heavy Duty Flex Rim:

  • Single Compression Spring
  • 15 Degrees Deflection With 30 lbs. of Down Pressure
  • Spring Guard Cover for Arena Look
  • Welded Steel Net Hooks
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

Single Static Rim:

  • Ideal for institutional use where dunking is discouraged. The non-breakaway style makes dunking and hanging less comfortable as it does not give up or down.
  • Welded Steel Net Hooks
  • 18" Diameter Regulation Size.
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

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