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Great Arcade Basketball Games for Home Use

Looking for a great gift for your children this Christmas? Do your kids love basketball? Take a look at some Arcade Basketball Games for Home this year. Arcade electronic basketball games provide a fun, active product for your family. Several different models are available; however, we will just focus on one: the 90056 Double Shot Basketball Game from Lifetime Products.

90056 Double Shot Electronic Basketball Game

The point of arcade basketball games is to bring a fun, competitive basketball game inside a home or building. Each system has different design features, such as a single basket or a double basket. The 90056 from Lifetime is a double basketball design. Here is a look at the beauty here: 90056 double shot electronic arcade basketball games for home shows front corner view with two baskets and several mini basketballs includedFrom the picture, you will see a couple of different features. First, the pole structure, made of steel, is very thick and broad. In comparison to some of the other electronic basketball games we carry, the space where the players stand to shoot the basketball on the opposite end of the system to the backboard is much wider than other models. This additional space gives players more room to shoot. The system comes with 7 basketballs, whereas some of our other models only come with 5 or 6. After much playing experience, 7 basketballs appears to be the magical number that allows both players to shoot the basketball consistently, without having to always fight over basketballs - not that this will not happen with the 90056, just not as frequently. One last thing this basketball game design features is a frame that can change in height by 8 inches by adding or removing a piece of the back from work where the backboard mounts. This piece is easily removed and reapplied when needed. Order your Arcade basketball games for home at Competitive Edge Products, Inc. View YouTube Video "Lifetime Double shot Arcade Basketball System" "The Lifetime Double shot is designed with double hoops, buzzers, and optical sensors to keep track of the score. Constructed with a 48 x 20 backboard of medium... "

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