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How long does it really take to put together a Lifetime Shed?

Lifetime storage sheds are modular in design, which simplifies construction and setup considerably. Just about every step of the construction is repeated multiple times. Thus, each part of the shed construction can speed up once you get the hang of what the step requires. This is particularly true of long sheds.

An employee at Lifetime recently assisted in the assembly of an 8x15 shed. During the assembly, he and another guy worked on the shed themselves. The quickest part for the assembly for them was the floor panels and wall panels as those steps are mostly snapping the panels into place. During the door assembly, the process slowed considerably because of the greater detail in parts and assembly when compared to the previous parts of the shed. The roof trusses were easy to assemble, but again it had many more parts then the walls and floor. From beginning to end, the assembly of an 8x15 Lifetime storage shed took two men 9 hours to build.

Smaller sheds will definitely drop assembly time greatly. Also, additional hands would speed the process up by having more people available to place the panels and fasten the hardware. Some steps could even be done concurrently to help speed up construction. Hopefully, this helps in judging your assembly time for your Lifetime shed.

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Lifetime sheds are popular for a reason: their modular design makes them relatively simple to construct yourself. This blog post will give you a realistic idea of how long it takes to assemble a Lifetime shed, along with tips to optimize your shed-building experience.

Modular Design for Faster Assembly:

The key to a quick Lifetime shed assembly lies in its modular design. Imagine building with large building blocks; Lifetime sheds use pre-fabricated panels that snap together easily. This repetitive process allows you to gain speed and efficiency as you become familiar with each step. This is especially true for longer sheds, where you'll repeat wall panel assembly numerous times.

Real-World Example: 8x15 Shed Assembly Time:

A Lifetime employee recently teamed up with a helper to assemble an 8x15 shed. The fastest parts to construct were the floor and wall panels, which primarily involve snapping the pre-fabricated pieces together. The door assembly took more time due to the increased number of parts and intricate assembly steps. Similarly, the roof trusses, while easy to assemble, involved more components than the walls and floor. In total, the 8x15 shed took two people approximately 9 hours to complete.

Tips for Faster Shed Assembly:

  • Grab a Helper (or Two!): Extra hands significantly speed up the process. Having someone to hold panels while you secure them can save loads of time.
  • Work Smart, Not Just Hard: Some steps can be done concurrently. For example, one person can sort hardware while another prepares panels.
  • Smaller Sheds Mean Less Time: The size of your shed directly impacts assembly time. A smaller shed will naturally take less time to put together than a larger one.



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How long does it really take to put together a Lifetime Shed? | Large Outdoor Storage Sheds Blog

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