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Kodiak provides a lifetime warranty on their tents. The warranty obviously doesn't include negligence such as rolling it up when it is soaking wet (happens more often than you'd think). They are that confident in the longevity of the Kodiak flex bow tents that they provide such a long warranty. Warranty calls are quite rare. When they do get warranty claims they are quick to honor them whether it be sending a new part or sending a new tent if needed.

My personal Kodiak tent has lasted over four years with about 10-15 days of use per year. I haven't had a single issue and have had many boy scout troops, churches, and neighboring campers ask where I got such a hardcore tent.

Source: Kodiak Flex Bow Tents Blog

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Tim Bartlett

Date 5/10/2018

I got a Kodiak 8 foot truck tent. I took it to the mountains that are 140 miles from my house. Got there started setting up tent and forgot a main component of the tent. The rails that go on the bed for the tent poles. I put the poles in the square holes of my truck bed. It worked. Lost quite a bit of height on the tent and the middle of tent roof sagged quit a bit. It made it a bit challenging for a 53 year old that is 6 foot tall to get dressed in. First night slept in a 2 man pup tent on hard ground. Then it hit me about 4 in the morning to do this. Next night slept a lot better because I was set up to sleep in this truck tent. Did not experience any bad weather with it set up that way. The only thing was the door was a little tight to zip up the last 6 inches of it. Other than that tent worked great. Can't wait to go back and try it out with all of its components.

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