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Features on an OFM Office chair

OFM has some of the best chairs I've ever sat in. The one I currently have is a fabric seat with an adjustable-height and back. Previously, I used the Seatability chair, which uses bungee bands to support the body. At first, I thought this is a pretty novel idea; but now, I recognized my back was needing much better support then I was getting with the Seatability chair. The OFM chair has a much better designed back that supports the curvature of the human back. I have also used Walmart specials (you know, the ones for under $100 that survive one use and then die) and the quality is worth every penny you pay. The OFM chair, particularly the seat and the back are very comfortable and supportive to the joints.

The one downer for the Office Chair so Far

For some reason, the back of the seat drops inch height regularly. I will have the back adjusted so it fits comfortably on my back inch the morning, and by the end of the day the back will have fallen all the way to the bottom. I have been concerned about damaging the chair by over tightening the back screw; but, yesterday I finally tightened the back screw as much as I could and the back has not moved yet. So, the lesson to be learned here is to tighten the back screw more than you think. I would still be concerned about over tightening, but I think a customer will be able to better gauge what over tightening is when they get their own chair.

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