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Rewards Program Cheat Sheet
Ways to Earn Points   

(200 points equals a 20 dollar coupon code)

Every 5 Dollars Spent                               1 Point
Writing a Product Review                       30 Points
Referring a Friend                                 100 Points
Sharing/Posting on Facebook                 40 Points
Sharing/Posting on Pinterest                   30 Points
Sharing/Posting on Twitter                     30 Points
Sharing/Posting on Instagram                 30 Points
Subscribing to Youtube Channel             40 Points
(Limit of one method each per customer)

Sample Breakdown
Coupon Codes are redeemable ONLY when you have accrued 200 points.
200 points equal a 20 dollar coupon code. 

Dollars Spent           Reward Points              Coupon Code Dollars

 5                                       1                                          $.10
 100                                  20                                          $ 2
 200                                  40                                          $ 4
 500                                 100                                         $ 10
1,000                               200                                         $ 20

What's my next step in sharing on social media and how do I do it?

Using a computer is the easiest way and here is how:

You can also use a mobile device:
Once you have found the product to share notice the "share" ribbon near the bottom of the screen. 
Click on it and start sharing.

Subscribing to our Youtube Channel
Simply click this link and click the red "subscribe" button.

Send us a screenshot via email [email protected] or even a screen shot using your phone and text it to 801-645-1694 and we'll add the reward points to your account and send you instructions on how to redeem them.  If you need to create an account please click "My Account" at the top, then click on "create an account" to get started. 
Reward points and coupon codes are non-transferable.

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