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This chart shows all the different Spalding brackets available. Got a Spalding or Huffy backboard, but not sure which brackets are compatible? Here you go! The chart shows each model and each backboard so you don't need to search all over the internet to find reviews. If you have a wall and need to know which backboard and bracket works pay particular attention to the brackets first. You always start by choosing the brackets first. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a backboard and no available bracket to go with it.

Once you've chosen a bracket make sure that you pick the right board. Some boards are smaller and hence lighter. Some are heavier and may need bracket reinforcements. You may need to reinforce your wall. For example if your wall material is drywall/sheet rock you'll need to connect two 2x4 wooden studs to ensure that it doesn't fall. You'll want to make sure you purchase the hardware to attach the brackets to the wall. Since there are many surfaces from concrete, to sheet rock, to metal, the type of hardware differs.

Complete Spalding/Huffy Chart of Compatible Backboards and Brackets

Wall, Pole, Roof Fixed (8406SR)
Wall, Pole, or Roof Adjustable (8839s)
Complete Pole Kit (88300S)
Wall or Pole Adjustable (316)
4" Sq. Pole Kit (920312)
4" Sq. Fixed Pole Kit (309)
4" Sq. Adjustable Poke Kit (310)
Any Lifetime Bracket
54" Acrylic (79564)
52" Acrylic (79307)
50" Polycarbonate (79349)
50" Acrylic (79355)
44" Polycarbonate (79351)
48" Polycarbonate (79354)
48" Plastic (80348)
44" Plastic (80318)
44" Plastic (80559)
44" Plastic (80602R)

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Date 7/18/2015

Very helpful post! Rest assured that making this post was worth it; you helped at least one person, but I am sure a few more found it useful too. Thanks!


Date 7/19/2015

These all look pretty great! I guess it just depends on what you personally want in a backboard bracket. Very good guide and definitely especially helpful to a large variety of people. Awesome post!

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