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Before purchasing a basketball system for your home use, you might need to consider some important buying issues before spending a penny. In the consumer market, basketball hoops are almost entirely segregated into two categories - in-ground hoops and portable hoops. Most manufacturers will make systems with both designs to cater to different markets. But, what market do you belong to. Here are some helpful things to consider before you purchase a basketball system that should help you as you shop.

First, do you have building covenants in your housing complex, neighborhood, or apartment that forbid one sort of system or the other? In some cases, a customer will make a pricey purchase of an in-ground system only to find out later that building covenants in their neighborhood forbid adding permanent structures to the property, like cementing a basketball pole into the ground. Finding this information out before buying can save you a lot of time and money.

Second, do you need to move the system around? If you do, only a portable basketball hoop will fit that need. Why would someone need to move their basketball hoop around? Sometimes, customer might want to bring the system in for part of the year. Other times, their driveways might have frequent traffic, which would require flexibility where they set up their basketball court. Portable basketball goals allow you to easily move the court location to different parts of the property. If these issues are not a concern, an in-ground system might work best for you.

Third, what is your intended budget? Basketball systems encompass a large range of prices. However, a close look reveals that an in-ground basketball hoop can be purchased from the low end - around $100 - all the way to a high-end - over $2000. Whereas most portable basketball systems are prices a little higher than the low-end of in-ground systems, and do not get as expensive as the high-end of in-ground systems. Thus, for a budget-conscience purchase, an in-ground system can be purchased cheaper than a comparably-sized portable basketball system.

Lastly, do you have any major safety concerns where your basketball court will be set up? To clarify, portable systems can tip over, short of putting a mountain of sand on top of the base. If your court is on a driveway on top of a hill, you might have a greater danger of having the system tip. Another tipping concern deals with who will be using the system. Teenage boys dunking on a basketball hoop is much more likely to have the system fall over than a basketball system for a 6-year old just starting to shoot the ball. For more information on portable basketball systems a great site is

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Date 11/27/2013

It is INCREDIBLY important to do your research when looking for a basketball hoop. You have to know exactly what you want and exactly what hoop will fulfill all of your needs and circumstances. My family has both a portable and in ground hoop. We got the in-ground first, but we put it in a spot that was right next to a lot of rocks. We could still play, but it was very difficult and dangerous because there was always the fear that you would smash into a rock. So then we bought a portable system, but we put it in a terrible location right beneath our deck, so you couldn't shoot it without hitting the bottom of the deck, and if you did manage to take a shot it would bounce out into our forest area where the ball was difficult and time consuming to retrieve. We ended up having to get a whole new hoop just because we didn't do our research, and check things out around our own house. Thankfully, the portable hoop, we were able to move, right next to our tramp, where we use it to dunk on. The in-ground is adjustable, so we use it for my younger siblings. But we could've saved a lot of time, money, and hassle, if we had simply checked things out a bit more.

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