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Lifetime Products
Lifetime is the world's largest manufacturer of polyethylene folding tables, chairs, picnic tables, and residential basketball equipment. At Competitive Edge Products, we are proud to carry Lifetime products.
Basketball Equipment  /  Basketball System  /  Portable Basketball System
Do you like to play basketball? Our strong and durable basketball equipment will provide you with hours of playing. Check out our inventory of basketball equipment or maybe you don't want to mess with installing basketball equipment? Why not try one of our portable basketball systems? They are easy to assemble and portable for easy moving. Maybe you are looking for that professional looking basketball goal? We have a deal for you! Competitive Edge Products sells the perfect basketball systems that will look great anywhere around your home.
Exercise Equipment  /  Fitness Equipment  /  Home Fitness Equipment  /  Exercise Bike  /  Stepper  /  Stationary Bike  /  Manual Treadmill
Why pay fees for a membership at a Fitness club, when you can have all the fitness equipment in your home for your exercising needs. Are you tired of the crowds and sharing exercise equipment at the fitness club? Maybe you need to slim those abs and thighs down or cut-off a few pounds for Spring Break! At Competitive Edge Products, we can help you have fitness equipment right in your own home.
Forget the cold winter and hot summer days! With our Stationary Bikes, you can enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home. Virtually always easy to setup and store, our Manual Treadmills from our exercise equipment are great for the morning or night workout. You can set it up when you need it, and hide it away when you don't.
We offer exercise and home fitness equipment for the workout fanatic. Whether you're looking for a treadmill, exercise bike or home gym, Competitive Edge Products offers it all. Try one of our various exercise bikes, including the Fitness Essentials and Makoto, to name a few. Competitive Edge Products mission is to provide a large variety of exercise equipment for all your needs. Browse our large selection of home fitness equipment products.
Folding Table  /  Folding Picnic Table  /  Card Table  /  Camping Table
Competitive Edge Products sells the perfect folding tables for a party or banquet! This is the sort of product you've seen and said you want one, so here's your chance. It's a very versatile piece of furniture that's both useful and practical. Check out our large inventory of folding picnic tables, folding card tables, sport tables, camping tables and more. Easy to put away and setup, Or enjoy a great competitive game with one of our Card Tables. These tables are backed with a guaranteed warranty and are sure to last all the card games you'll ever play!
Stackable Chair
Have you tried to carry more than a dozen chairs around at once? It's very hard to do. At Competitive Edge Products, we know how you feel when you have those big parties or events to setup for. Our stackable chairs are a life savor to those party lovers!
Office Furniture  /  Computer Chair
Are you still using that old computer chair that hurts your back in all the wrong places? Then throw that one in the trash and buy one of Competitive Edge Products' computer chairs that will make your back feel like it's on a massage chair! Office chairs, conference tables, reception tables and computer desk units from Competitive Edge Products. We also offer Lifetime products, such as utility tables, card tables, folding tables and a large inventory of basketball supplies.
Entertainment Center Foosball Table Are you looking for something to fill up that big space in your living room or basement but don't know what would quite work? Competitive Edge Products has the Entertainment Center that's the perfect fit! Competitive Edge Products also sells a wide variety of real wood Foosball tables. Fill your gaming hunger with our quality Foosball tables.;

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