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Choosing the perfect Kayak can be a confusing process especially if you are new to the sport. Do I want something that I can sit inside? What's the benefit of sitting on top? Do I have to worry about tipping over and getting trapped in my kayak? These are all questions and concerns that many kayakers ask themselves and some become so discouraged they give up. Below you will notice that we have a nice comparison chart that allows you to decide what's right for you. Here are a few additional things to consider.

Choose a Kayak You Can Transport
Maybe you have a small vehicle and you need something no larger than 8 feet to put on the rack. Many small vehicles can be equipped with racks or DIY ways to keep a kayak from sliding around on the roof.  Some SUV's can handle the 6' and 8' sizes and most trucks can handle up to 12'.  A 12' kayak doesn't give you much utility unless you can use it without borrowing a friends truck or trailer.

Consider the Fish in the Sea
Do you fish? Maybe you are looking for something for you and your friends to give you an edge in the hunt for the trophy fish. Maybe new kayakers seize the opportunity to take up fishing.  Get some exercise and be productive at the same time bringing home the catch of the day to your family.

Think of the Children!
Maybe you don't kayak at all, but are interested in helping your children enter into the sport. We have fun children colors and yes, we even have pink.  Children, more often than not, would choose spending time on a kayak with the family over video games and tv shows.  Make it easy by providing a way that gives them exercise and builds relationships.  Enough of the mushiness!

We have a solution for each of the scenarios and many more. Take a look at the chart below and you'll notice it gives you the size, recommended use age, colors, water draft, fishing options, number of seats, and weight capacities. Click on any of the pictures to begin your research experience in the most simple way possible. For more information please contact us for expert advice. All of our employees have used some of these kayaks and are encouraged to stay up on the latest kayaks and accessories.

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