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Basketball Backboards Break - Time for a Basketball Backboard Replacement

Basketball Replacement Backboard ExampleYou have had a wonderfully functional basketball system in your backyard for years. You have spent hours out practicing by yourself, inviting your friends and family over, and teaching your children to play. Things were going great until one afternoon, your oldest child comes in and tells you that your beloved basketball system is no more. He and his friends did not do anything wrong. They were just out shooting hoops and the backboard, quite suddenly, shattered. Hey, it happens. Backboard cannot last forever. You got a long life out of the system. Time to hang up the sneaks for good, right? No! Time to order a Basketball Backboard Replacement.

Basketball Backboards Can Be Replaced ... Sort of

Before you junk the old system, please read the rest of this blog post. The backboard is merely a part of the system. And parts are replaceable. So, question number one is where does one go to replace their backboard? So, here is the sort of part. Several manufacturers actually sell replacement backboards through a whole host of retailers in store and online. However, not every basketball backboard replacement online or in store will work with your system. So, the next question is who made your system? You are most likely to find a replacement for your backboard from either Spalding / Huffy or Lifetime Products as both of these manufacturers actively market replacement backboards. However, all of their backboards are not replaceable. So, next question is what material is the backboard made of? If it is tempered glass, then you are again out of luck as tempered glass backboards are not retailed from either manufacturer. You will have to attempt to order directly through the manufacturer. To speed up your quest, Lifetime Products can be reached at 1-800-225-3865 and Spalding / Huffy can be reached at 1-800-558-5234. If your backboard is not tempered glass then you are still on the right track. Both manufacturers retail basketball backboard replacement units made with plastic, polycarbonate, or acrylic materials. So, you are a step closer to find the right system. The last thing that you will need to figure out is what mounting bracket you have on your system to verify compatibility with replacement backboards for sale. For this last question, brackets differ greatly. Contact us with any questions if you got to this point. We will be happy to assist.
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Lifetime Basketball Systems, Performance - view basketball backboard replacement units.
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Date 11/4/2013

Lifetime Basketball backboards are very sturdy and difficult to break but once in a while it happens. So getting a replacement is cheaper than getting a whole new system.

Bob Y.

Date 8/7/2014

Aloha. I recently put a golf ball through my neighbors Huffy Sports basketball backboard. I am having difficulty replacing the back board as the mounting holes on the new ones do not equate with the one son the old one that I broke. I have the exact dimensions. The pole is 4" by 4" set in concrete. It has 4 angular bars sticking out like antelope antlers. Attached to them are 2 vertical bars and a horizontal one on the bottom that allows for four bolts to go into the backboard and hoop. The four bolts are 3.5" horizontal and 2.5" vertical apart. The 4 main mounting bolts are 17 3/8 horizontally apart and 14 3/8 vertically apart. The distance from the top left main bolt holding up the board and net (looking from the back) is 17 7/8 away from the top left main bolt which holds the net and backboard in place. I am kind of at a loss as how to repair my good neighbor's backboard. Can you assist? Thank you Bob Y.


Date 8/8/2014

Hello, For Huffy replacement backboards, they are pretty tricky to work with as Huffy/Spalding does not publish enough information for dealers to confirm compatibility with existing systems. Your best move is to first call Spalding’s customer service at 1-800-558-5234. They will be able to confirm what backboards will work with your existing system, if there are any that can work. Thanks,

replacement backboard

Date 11/25/2014

Get more basketball replacement backboard info at:

Mike K.

Date 6/6/2015

i have a huffy legacy basketball system and need to replace the backboard can you help? thanks mike


Date 6/8/2015

Your best move is to first call Spalding’s customer service at 1-800-558-5234. Also you may call our customer service department at 801-732-0601 to discuss. Thank you. Competitive Edge Products, Inc.

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