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Kodiak Canvas Tents 6044 10x14 ft. 8-person Tent

Kodiak Canvas Tents 6044 10x14 ft. 8-person Tent

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SKU:6044 by Kodiak Canvas
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Exceptionally sturdy
Low Price Guarantee!
16 oz Reinforced Polyester Floor
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Spring steel rods keep the tent taut

Features and Specs:

This Kodiak Canvas 10 x 14 tent is great whether you are headed to the campground with your family or elk camp with your hunting buddies. This rugged, all-season tent is well suited for any occasion. Made with premium grade, Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas (walls: 8.5 oz, roof: 10 oz).

The tight weave and silicone finish make the canvas watertight yet breathable, minimizing condensation and mugginess. Go ahead and touch the inside walls during a downpour, this canvas will not wick water. This particular model sells out before all the other canvas tents we carry. The Flex-Bow frame has tempered spring steel rods that keep the tent taut, and robust 1 inch steel tube poles that will hold up to fierce winds. The floor material is a super-duty, puncture resistant, 16 oz vinyl with welded seams that keeps water out. Easy, one-person setup takes only a few minutes after you have it staked out.

The steep walls and 6 ft 6 in high ceiling provide a roomy interior with stand-up, walk-around comfort. Two large doors with top rated #10 zippers give convenient access to front and back. Two windows to allow ample air flow. Windows have no-see-um screen mesh, keeping out the smallest pests. A large awning provides shade and a covered entry. The large storage bag means no cramming into an undersized bag. Hefty 10 inch steel stakes included. Durable, watertight and breathable Hydra-Shield 100% Cotton, Duck Canvas.

Flex-Bow Frame: Exceptionally sturdy. Keeps tent taut. Quick and easy, one-person, setup. Spacious 6'6" ceiling height provides walk-around comfort. Two large D-shaped doors (front and back) with heavy duty zippers. Large windows with no-see-um mesh. Large awning measuring 4 ft Deep x 7 ft Wide with a height of 72 inches, Heavy-Duty 10 inch, steel rod, stakes. Handy large storage bag.

Includes the newly redesigned metal-reinforced stake loops. Unlike many other stores, Competitive Edge only sends these with the new upgraded improved metal reinforced stake loops.

Kodiak Canvas Camping Equipment Tent Specs: Approximately Weight: 79 lbs (Includes tent, poles, stakes, and storage bags). Ceiling Material: 10 oz Hydra-shield cotton canvas. Wall Material: 8.5 oz Hydra-Shield cotton canvas. Floor Material: 16 oz vinyl. Polyester reinforced. Frame: 1 inch, galvanized, steel tubing. Flex-Bow Rods: 3/8 inch, solid, spring steel. All-Season: Can be used year-round but not designed for harsh winter mountaineering.

This is the ideal tent for the Boy Scouts and youth church groups. It breathes well, has a large footprint, and doesn't include the bells and whistles that the more expensive models have including a gear loft and extra hanging storage bags - fewer bells and whistles that scouts have been known to damage or break. This basic tent is great for most campers. The extra windows on the other versions are great for summer camping when the nights are quite hot, but because these breathe well, they cool down as the outside temperature cools. Plus, it does have windows on the front and back to allow for ventilation and a great view of the campground. The tarp isn't a bad idea for scouts and some tend to simply put the tent wherever they'd like without clearing the brush or checking for unusually sharp rocks pointing up before putting down the tent. It also makes it easier to clean the tent. Beach or desert campers even use the tarp inside the tent to avoid sweeping it out when they break camp.

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty.

Customer review on this 6044 tent:

11-7-2018You're videos helped me to find the BEST tent.I seasoned it last night with rain (bone-dry), and today dried it out with wind gusts up to 40 mph! It is a solid tent! 40 mph wind is nothing. Not too loud inside either.Most importantly, NO BS! Very fast shipping, and well described. You're videos we're spot on . 40 mph gusts (don't try this at home ... LOL)I would recommend anyone to shop with Competitive Edge Products because it has been THE BEST experience shopping EVER!Thank you so much, you guys ROCK!

5 Stars
Well made product. Better floor and poles than the Springbar at a lower price.
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Reviewed by:  from Utah. on 12/8/2011
5 Stars
Excited to have this Tent
Great tent. Easy to "pitch". Was a bit worried about stability with just two poles, but with all ground stakes placed, the tent went nowhere in the wind. Would likely need a ground not too soft for the stakes, and not so hard they cannot go into. A lot of room in the tent will make this our second home.
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Reviewed by:  from G.j., CO. on 5/10/2012
5 Stars
Solid tent! Ever bit as good as Springbar
My second Kodiak and I would recommend these tents to anyone considering buying. They are solid and the canvas is as good as Springbar. The floor in my opinion is better than Springbar. It it strong and waterproof. Very fast shipping as well.
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Reviewed by:  from UT. on 8/7/2012
5 Stars
Kodak tent 6044
Great tent ! We bought this tent about a month ago . We have taken it out two times already . Very easy to put up ,very well made . We go camping as much as we can through the year . I have owned several cheaper tents they do not hold up ! If you love to camp as much as we do, buy this tent . You will not regret it at all .
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Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 4/16/2013
5 Stars
Thunder dome
Maiden Voyage . . . H. River Rain forest, Olympic Nation Park. One of the wettest places in the world. March came in like a lion this year . . . And it went out Roaring! First 3 days in the park, it rained nonstop. I am an old guy with 2 bionic knees, so I cant kneel down . . . So I had a little trouble getting her up in a heavy rain. Got some help from a couple of other campers and up she went in minutes. To my surprise, it was still dry as a bone inside. Set up my cot and kitchen inside and had the floor covered with throw rugs. My Coleman lanterns lit her up like a beacon in the night and kept her warm and cozy . . . I LOVE RAIN! And this Kodiak was like being inside a drum set rain symphony . . . Their were separate and distinct tones echoing from the roof and side walls that made me feel like I was in a natural cathedral. This tent is engineered so well that it is literally . . . tight as a drum. And the rains played a symphony of nature upon the tent that went deep into my soul! The rains bounced and rolled and danced all over the tent . . . but never came inside. Ecstasy! Only the awning, could be faulted by some, as it would collect a pool of rain water in the center, but would pour off the side when full. Coming fresh off the Pacific ocean, I used this rain water for cooking and washing and could empty the pool anytime by just pushing it upward. (In the warm summer . . . you could it for a shower?) Like the rest of the tent . . . even it, never leaked, even though it had water pooled on it for days. Needless to say . . . I LOVE MY TENT! . . . There could be others out there that may be just as good? And likely cost a lot more? But from my first 6 day trip I cant imagine how anyone could make a tent any better, at any price! Get one . . . its a no-brainer if ever there was one! (Updated on 4/17/2014. )
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Reviewed by:  from WA. on 4/17/2014
5 Stars
I would buy this tent again
Good tents are hard to find this is worth every dime
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Reviewed by:  from Utah. on 5/17/2013
5 Stars
Great Tent
Got this tent in two days! Needed a tent for a cook tent at hunting camp. Was impressed with the quality of the zippers, ease of putting it up and down. The ground tarp was perfect. Cant beat the price and the free shipping! Had a short but intense rain shower, no leaks. Had moisture in tent after cooking dinner, coffee etc.,it was gone in 10 min. with the temp. outside at 80+ degrees.Great tent!
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Reviewed by:  from MT. on 7/9/2013
5 Stars
We absolutely love this tent.
we finally used this on an overnighter, it was so quick and easy to set up and very roomy inside without the nasty canvas smell of a sheep herders tent. This tent was built to last!!! The only thing it is lacking is a privacy curtain so that when you want privacy to change your clothes etc. I would recommend this to everyone.
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Reviewed by:  from Meridian, ID. on 5/17/2011
Q: How many windows does this tent have and is it available for order today?
Asked by: Lisa - 8/19/2019
A: This has one window in the front and one window in the back.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (8/20/2019)
Q: You offer an option floor liner which adds upgrade price to the total, but doesn’t the tent come with a floor that is full attached to the tent? Like it’s one piece, correct? This is an ADDITIONAL LINER you are offering for purchase?
Asked by: Wvan - 8/2/2019
A: The tent includes a floor, there is an optional ground tarp to go under the tent to keep it clean and provide extra protection for the floor on rocky surfaces, etc. The floor liner is a luxury item that simply goes inside the tent on the floor making it soft and giving it more protection.
Was this answer helpful?  0 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (8/2/2019)
Q: Do the Doors (front and Back) have the mesh screen just like the windows?
Asked by: David Abbott - 7/12/2019
A: No but other models do.
Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Costumer Service (8/14/2019)
Q: do you offer a military discount?
Asked by: Clint - 5/21/2019
A: We do have one active coupon currently you are welcome to try: CEPCOMEBACK
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (5/21/2019)
Q:  Are the poles covered under the warranty or can be purchased separately? The pole that goes across the top of the tent between the spring bars bent in a recent storm and needs to be replaced. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. -Thank you.
Asked by: Bryan - 4/17/2019
A: Yes, you can get replacement poles and parts by calling -801-508-2880
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (4/17/2019)
Q: Do gear loft and storage pouches come with this tent?
Asked by: George - 1/23/2019
A: It does include storage pouches located under each window-they are sewn on. However, if you are referring to the extra pocket organizers and hanging bag organizers those are only included on the deluxe and the super deluxe VX models. The gear loft only comes with the deluxe and the super deluxe models as well.
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Charley Hansen Laptop (2/2/2019)
Q: What is the difference between polyester floor and canvas floor?
Asked by: Joe - 1/9/2019
A: The Kodiak tents floors are vinyl-16 ounce-very heavy-duty. The walls and roof are Canvas, and there is a campus liner available, but the floors are vinyl. The nice thing about the floors is that being vinyl they do not have a crunching sound like most tents floors where it sounds like your walking on a very thin tarp. None of the floors are polyester.
Was this answer helpful?  3 of 3 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Charley Hansen Laptop (2/2/2019)
Q: Does this tent have a cord access to run power in?
Asked by: Dave H - 12/15/2018
No Answers have been submitted yet.
Q: I know that the 10x14 Flex Bow basic does not come with gear loft and organizer pouches. But are there any loops sewn in to the top edge where they would be useful in hanging anything say a small led light?
Asked by: Ron Cunningham - 5/1/2018
A: Yes they are all there
Was this answer helpful?  3 of 4 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  R C (6/3/2018)
Q: If the 6044 tent comes with the full floor is the extra tarp to put under the floor area of the tent for extra protection?
Asked by: Ernie - 11/2/2017
A: The ground tarp is to put underneath the floor to make it easier to break camp-making it easier to clean. Some people use the tarp inside if they are camping in the desert so they don't have to sweep the tent out when they break camp. The tarp is totally optional-certainly not required.
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Answer provided by:  Customer Service (11/6/2017)
Q: I camp in the summer months in direct sunlight. What can I expect for the life of this tent in such conditions? I live in Rhode Island. Temperatures are varied. I'm mostly concerned about how long before the waterproofing and material gets destroyed or weakens. It is up from June-September. I have been using a Coleman Instant tent which is great, however, the sun has destroyed hub parts, a rain fly and now a side wall! It's lasted 3 summers in these conditions. I'm looking for some longevity. Thanks in advance for your help and answers
Asked by: Mark - 9/4/2017
A: Officially, the warranty does not cover "extended use" but just normal camping which on average is about three weeks per year. Having that said we do get many businesses that purchase these and set them up all your long. They will often cover them with the pop up canopy to prolong the life since eventually UV damage can get the better of any tent. Cabela's in Utah kept one out in the parking lot on display for an entire year and after the year you can tell that it had faded the colors a bit, but it was still impressively standing. Again, extended use is not covered under the warranty, but if you're going to use a tent for extended use there is no better material and canvas
Was this answer helpful?  6 of 6 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (9/5/2017)
Q: The basic 10×14 don't come with storage bag? Does it come with anything too store it in when not being used.
Asked by: Aaron - 7/11/2017
A: It does come with a storage bag, just not the deluxe storage bag that is much easier to use. If you order a deluxe, or super deluxe tent, then it will come with many more accessories, as well as an upgraded storage bag. I recommend ordering one of our other tents, and soon, as we often sell out of most everything by August.
Was this answer helpful?  4 of 4 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Admin (7/12/2017)
A: Can you purchase a deluxe bag when ordering this tent? What is the extra cost?
Was this answer helpful?  0 of 2 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  D (2/16/2018)
Q: If I pick this up at your store in Utah is it a better price than just ordering on line with free shipping? We need it for girls camp in June.
Asked by: Beth - 5/19/2017
A: Yes! We do have a will call pick up option available with a discounted price. The Will Call price on that is $420 before tax (because it is in the same state as you). Just call us at 866-308-5484x2, and we’ll give you the discount. They can be picked up from the warehouse in Salt Lake City down by the airport. We will give you more info when you order.
Was this answer helpful?  4 of 5 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Admin (5/20/2017)
Q: Is the tarp that comes with it for "free" the actual Kodiak ground tarp or a generic tarp?
Asked by: Joe - 5/8/2017
A: The tarp is the actual tarp provided by Kodiak; however, it is regular polyester, not a canvas drop cloth.
Was this answer helpful?  3 of 3 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Admin (5/11/2017)
Q: Does this come with a tent bag and pole bag, or do they come separate?
Asked by: Thurman - 2/12/2017
A: Yes, this tent includes all of the necessary bags and pieces.
Was this answer helpful?  7 of 7 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  ADmin (2/13/2017)
Q: I just ordered this tent, but I need to confirm that two windows means in the back of the tent... That the doors are not counted as Windows. Doors in front windows in back?
Asked by: Brian - 10/9/2016
A: There is a door and a window in the front end of door and window in the back. The doors do not have screens. Feel free to contact us with any other questions.
Was this answer helpful?  2 of 2 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (10/10/2016)
Q: I live in R beach California. When can I expect arrival?
Asked by: Customer - 8/22/2016
A: Delivery to California is typically about 2 business days, as long as you order before noon.
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Admin (8/22/2016)
Q: I have a couple questions. One should the heads on the t-bars be a little bit wobbly? 2 How much would it cost for an additional set of the two t bars(not the rods)? Also is the actual height of the tent 6 foot 6 inches?
Asked by: Todd - 8/12/2016
A: That particular part you would need to call the following number for that replacement. tel. 801-726-0243
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 2 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (8/12/2016)
Q: If I pick up the tent instead of you shipping it will you take some of the price off? Trying to save as much as possible for Scout Troop. I am all over each day with my work.
Asked by: Kevin - 5/7/2016
A: Yes, if you are able to pick it up from us in Salt Lake City we can offer a better price. You would want to contact us for a special quote.
Was this answer helpful?  2 of 2 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (5/13/2016)
Q: What are the dimensions of the tent and the stakes packed in their bags?
Asked by: Jeff D - 3/5/2016
A: Weight: 80.1 lbs, Size: 49 x 13 x 13.5
Was this answer helpful?  2 of 2 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (3/7/2016)
Q: how wide is the floor on the inside of the tent?
Asked by: Customer - 2/20/2016
A: The floor is 10' x 14'.
Was this answer helpful?  2 of 2 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (3/8/2016)
Q: What does flex bow mean?
Asked by: N J - 2/14/2016
A: Flex Bow refers to the rods that hold up the ceiling. You put them into the slots on the t-post. The flexible design allows them to bow with strong tension, - hence, flex-bow.
Was this answer helpful?  3 of 3 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (2/15/2016)
Q: Will your 10 by 14 still be on sale February 3?
Asked by: Marvin - 1/2/2016
A: It should be, but we can make any guarantees as prices fluctuate with the raw materials (cotton) to manufacture these tents.
Was this answer helpful?  4 of 4 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (1/5/2016)
Q: If I ordered a tent on Monday how long would it take to get to Cleveland Ohio?
Asked by: Marvin - 1/1/2016
A: It would take about three to four business days.
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (1/2/2016)
Q: We our scout troop is planning to place an order for 2 and maybe 3 of your Kodiak 6044 tent in the next month. I have seen notes of volume discounts, how many are considered volume and what kind of discounts are offered? Also the online order mentions a tent is worth 100 points. What are the points good for?
Asked by: Victor Noble - 12/29/2015
A: You would need to contact us directly regarding volume discounts. The reward points are redeemable with 200 points equaling a $20 gift certificate to our website.
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Customer Service (12/30/2015)
Q: I bought my 6044 from eBay so I could use PayPal can I still buy a ground tarp for 10 dollars thanks guys?
Asked by: Bruce Smith - 10/27/2015
A: One thing to note, this offer for the $10 tarp only works if it is bought from us with the tent, or from one of our other affiliates such as cepauctions, or kodiakflexbowtents. Otherwise you would need to pay the regular $39.99 for the 0514 tarp.
Was this answer helpful?  1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Luke Mower (9/14/2016)
A: Sure thing. Just give us a call.
Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  SCOTT MUNRO (10/27/2015)
Q: Is 8 the maximum number of people you cab fit into this tent or is it the comfortable amount?
Asked by: Maddie - 7/15/2015
A: I am sure you can fit more than 8 if everyone was smaller and not taking up much space in sleeping. The opposite would also be true. If people were occupying a lot of space, you would not be able to fit 8 people. A better way to possibly get at an answer to this question is to look at the square footage and layout of the tent and map out where each person would be sleeping and how much space they would be occupying. That will give you an idea of the occupancy you would be able to reach.
Was this answer helpful?  2 of 4 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Sean Peterson (7/16/2015)

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This product has 30-day returns: Simply hang on to the original packaging and contact us within 30 days of receipt if you are not satisfied with this product. We are that confident you will love this product! If something is damaged or defective we will get it replaced at no cost. Our Kodiak tents have an extremely low return rate as customer's love these tents. The reviews speak for themselves. Please contact us before purchasing if you are unsure whether this product is right for you by calling us toll free at 866-308-5484 or via email at Please note that we are happy to waive any restocking fee if the item is unused and in the original packaging.

UPC: 837654630884

Packaging Specs
Weight: 81 lbs
Dimensions: 49" x 14" x 13"
California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

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In stock. but inventory is low. If ordering for burning man please don't wait as they will be gone. Free Shipping

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