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Kodiak Lodge Stove Tent 6170 Winter Update Blog

Posted by Charley Hansen on 10/28/2019 to Kodiak Canvas Tents
Can the 6170 Kodiak Lodge Tent hold up for an entire fall and winter season? Visit for weekly updates. Post comments and ask questions and we will respond.
This video shows the features of the tent including how many windows, how roomy it is or isn't with or without a stove, the stove jack, a Colorado cylinder stove, and more.

One Person Set-up, Unboxing and Assembly 6170

Unboxing and Curing the Stove

Initial Tent and Stove Set-up

Day 1 - It Snowed!

Day 2 - Subzero temperatures

Day 6 - Installing the damper and rain cap onto the stove, comparing a Mr. Buddy heater

Day 14 - My favorite go-to Camping Chair and putting in the 10x14 Floor Liner

Day 22 - Setting up the wall enclosure and showing whether the stove can keep the enclosure and tent warm.

Day 37 - The Lodge Tent in heavy snow, heater efficiency in snow, heating up the awning area.

Day 65 - Using a Heat Robber (don't use one) and a Heat Thermometer to save Fuel

Day 100 – Review through the worst of the winter.

Day 110 – How much wood does the stove require in very cold weather?

4 Months and Final Review in 360 Degree Video - Using a Heat Robber (don't use one) and a Heat Thermometer to save Fuel

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Date: 11/21/2019
Do you think the tent floor will let moisture in? I've heard other canvas tent manufacturers have the vinyl that runs a little ways up the base/side of the tent. They say canvas in contact with the ground will wick moisture up the sidewall.
Charley Hansen
Date: 11/26/2019
Marc, that's a really good question. This type of cotton canvas doesn't wick water. Also you'll notice on many of the tents the vinyl actually goes up an inch. I mention Yellowstone and a lot of my videos and blogs, because they have some of the worst downpours. The very first time I ever used the Kodiak tent we had a foreign exchange student coming to see the park with her mother for the first time. They were in a Kodiak tent and we were in a separate Kodiak tent in the rain came down so bad I was so disappointed knowing that we were going to have a miserable night, but neither they nor we got a drop of water inside the tent. The water was so torrential you could actually feel it underneath the tent floor from the inside-like a waterbed. I've also clean these out when I lent mine to a local scout troop. One time they returned it and there was a giant Laffy Taffy stuck to the floor and walls. It was pretty frustrating. It's the only time I've had to actually take a hose and spray the tent from the inside. To my surprise as I was spraying it it wouldn't let water out from the inside either. I'm not sure why I was surprised-if it doesn't let water in it should let water out. So I filled up the entire bottom of the tent like a bathtub so I could scrub it. They really are watertight. If you're getting moisture inside your tent then it would be considered effective and covered under the warranty. Great question.
Chris Johnson
Date: 12/9/2019
I have read, no personal experience of my own, that a hot tent will freeze to the ground with a wood stove heating the tent. I have been told that this is why winter tents do not have a floor in them . Do you folks have any experience in that ?
Date: 12/10/2019
That's a very interesting question you posed. I have not heard of that happening to any of our tents in the 10+ years we have been carrying them. That's not to say it hasn't happened, but I personally never spoken to her run into any issue that resembles a freezing floor. My understanding is that some wall tents to not have floors, because the nature of the camping experience involves a lot of dirt, mud, sometimes blood from hunting and it allows the user to put something temporary down to avoid getting a floor terribly dirty. Having camped in subzero temperatures with this I have not seen anything or felt anything on the floor, but hopefully any users reading this that may have had any experience can chime in. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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