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Never Fear, Your Kodiak Tent Is Here

Several long-awaited tent models are finally back in stock! Both basic models of the flex-bow design - 6051 and 6044, the basic cabin model - 6121, and the deluxe flew-bow 10x10 - 6010. Several of these tents have been out of stock since August. The basic flex-bow models are especially timely as they are a common need for hunters during the hunting season. A couple of notable absences of those back in stock are the 6098, which is the smallest of the regular-height flex-bow models, and the 6086, which is the smallest of the flex-bow models. Both of these remaining models we expect to be ready by the end of October. Do you have a particular Kodiak tent model you use for your hunting trips? Let us know by adding your review on the product listing you own.

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