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Kodiak Versus Springbar Comparison
Springbar vs. Kodiak Canvas Comparison

 Q: What are the differences between Springbar and Kodiak Canvas KC? They both seem very similar. 

A: No question about it, Springbar makes a terrific tent. 

Kodiak Canvas is made after the Springbar style. The intention of Kodiak Canvas was not to be a cheap imitation of a Springbar, rather an improved evolution. Here is how we compare. 

Canvas: Weave, weight and waterproofing are very comparable. Kodiak Canvas did test approx 7% stronger when tested at an independent lab. 

Pole System: Very similar. Springbar uses aluminum that needs to be reinforced with steel for strength. They also use telescoping uprights that take a little longer to assemble and can get “welded” together if you get dirt down in them. Kodiak Canvas uses galvanized steel. It is a bit stronger, and a bit heavier and a lot less expensive. 

Floor: Kodiak Canvas uses a heavy-duty floor that is almost twice the thickness and weight, and it has a welded seam (completely waterproof). Springbar has thin floor and a sewn seam (water will seep through). 

Zippers: Both use the same top-rated YKK zipper. 

Screen Material: Both use no-see-um mesh (keeps tiny insects out). Kodiak Canvas uses a screen that is much stronger that Springbar. 

Added Features: The following are features you get with Kodiak Canvas that you do not get with Springbar. Two doors, one front and one back for convenient access. Very nice not to have to climb over your buddies to get in and out. D-Shaped door for easy entry. Vents (gives better air flow and temperature management). Sewn in pockets under the windows for storage. Strap-andcinch storage bag makes rolling and putting he tent in the bag a cinch. Real metal stakes— because cheap plastic stakes have no business on tents of this class. 

Bottom line, Kodiak Canvas beats Springbar on materials, workmanship, features, and price. 


Reginald Walton

Date 9/4/2021

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