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Lifetime basketball hoop selection help

The point of this post is to help in understanding the difference in some of the available basketball systems from Lifetime Products. Lifetime has basketball hoops for many different budgets. Here is break down of their introductory to mid-range basketball goals.

Introductory Basketball Systems

This level of basketball system is likely those priced $250 or cheaper. The main features for this group of basketball goals are backboard widths 44 inches to 48 inches, plastic backboard frames, and plastic or acrylic backboard materials. The poles of these basketball systems vary in size from 2.75 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter. The poles are also only available in a round shape. This level of system is ideal for beginner and casual players.

Mid Range Basketball Systems

The most important feature that differentiates this line from the introductory is a steel backboard frame. A steel frame provides better rigidity in the backboard that help to improve the rebound. These goals typically have a 3.5 inch round pole or a 4-inch square pole. They also range in backboard width size from 50 inches to 54 inches. One thing to note among the different basketball hoop models is that the backboard frame thickness will vary from system to system. Most of the backboard frames will be 1-inch thick, while a little more expensive models will have 1.5 inch thick backboard, which also helps improve rebound.



Date 11/30/2013

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