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Lifetime Chair Maintenance

Lifetime folding chairs feature a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic seat and back. HDPE is easily cleaned with soap and water. The material is virtually stain-resistant. If soap and water does not get it cleaned up, you might also try a mild abrasive, like Soft Scrub. Thus, Lifetime chairs rarely need any additional work done on the seat and backs. The frame of the chair is made with powder-coated steel. The powder coating helps resist rusting for indoor and outdoor uses. If the chair does get wet, drying the chair off is ideal before storage.



Date 11/27/2013

My family owns some Lifetime chairs. These Lifetime chairs are amazing products, and easy to maintain. When we have parties, we get them all out from their storage place in our garage, set them all up, and when we're done, we put them all back away without any problems. If a chair gets wet or stained, we simply wipe it off, and we're all set. I love these Lifetime chairs because they are so light and easy to carry. They are also very comfortable chairs. We have had our chairs for as long as I can remember. This is probably because they are so easy to take care of and maintain.

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