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Lifetime Folding Tables are great for Holiday Uses all season long.

Lifetime 4534 TableBy far, the most common use for Lifetime Tables is inch a banquet setting. Most of our customers find this use particularly helpful inch a church or government setting. The material used on Lifetime folding tables makes them easy to clean, move, and store. In particular, polyethylene plastic is very stain resistant and can be cleaned with most types of cleaners. The polyethylene plastic is dense and will not fade, crack, or peel making them great for both indoor and outdoor uses. Because the table top is plastic, the unit is very light when compared with similar sized tables. The framing and legs on these tables are all steel, which makes them very strong and durable. Lifetime Products also manufactures their own table cart, making this type of use very economical. One relatively untapped use of Lifetime tables, however, is to use them as display tables. Are you planning on doing any holiday cooking classes? You might consider Lifetime's adjustable height tables. This tables allow you to adjust the height all the way up to 36", which is standard counter height. This will give you and your group and great way to stand and prepare food. How about a craft night? Lifetime tables make for great display tables, especially their fold-in-half models. This tables, such as model 4428, allow you to fold the legs up and fold the table top inch half making these units very portable. The 4428 is also adjustable inch height. This once again gives you great flexibility inch your daily use of the table. Do you have a family gathering this Christmas season? Consider using Lifetime folding tables to help host the event. When covered inch a tablecloth they look rather nice.

Do you have another use for your Lifetime folding tables? Leave your comments below.


Breanna Cuomo

Date 3/2/2010

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Kaylee Baroody

Date 3/8/2010

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Date 11/30/2013

In our family, Lifetime tables and chairs get used for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and whenever we get together as an entire family. We usually use them for meals on the holidays, but not always. On Halloween they can be used to hold your candy on. The Lifetime tables and chairs are so nice and easy to use. They are easy to clean, easy to set up, and easy to put away. This makes them completely ideal for holiday use. Lifetime products are just flat out SPECTACULAR!


Date 6/8/2014

I actually appreciate your piece of [info.] Excellent post.

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