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How does volume and promotional pricing work for Lifetime tables?

On many Lifetime table listings you will notice that many have volume pricing available for purchases involving multiple products of the same SKU. This volume pricing reflects are lower costs in shipping the order to you for higher volumes of the same SKU. On other tables listings, you will notice that the original price (marked in black) is crossed out with a new price (marked in red) next to it. When their is a promotional, or sale, price, volume pricing on the listing becomes obsolete. This is due mostly to the fact that the volume price breaks you see on the listing are still above the promotional price. Thus, red priced items have no volume pricing. There are some relatively infrequent times where the volume price you would have paid at the full price is lower than the red-marked promotional price. If that is the case for your purchase, let us know and we will get the price discounted appropriately.

What types of discounts are additive to promotional pricing on Lifetime plastic tables?

As shown above, volume discounts do not affect the price of Lifetime tables when the table SKU is on a promotional price. That does not mean that that is the only discount available, however. In some cases, around holidays or other high traffic shopping times, we offer a site-wide sale on almost every item. In these cases, the sale price will be marked down based on the site-wide discount when you checkout. Coupon codes and gift certificates are also applicable to any of these table listings whether they are on sale or not. Let us know if you have any questions about pricing for you next purchase.

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Date 11/8/2013

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