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Lifetime Products

Company Overview

Lifetime Products was founded in Utah through entrepreneur, Barry Mower. Barry's original desire was to construct a consumer-end basketball system that would allow families and small organizations to better afford and place a basketball hoop at their homes and buildings. Most of his original work was done in his own backyard and originally helped construct poles for Weber State University. In 1986, Lifetime Products took on its more modern image when it set up a factory location at the Freeport Center in Utah.

Product Overview

Lifetime Products originally specialized in basketball system manufacturing, with a focus on providing systems in smaller packaging that were easily distributed through dealers. The basketball systems Lifetime is most well known for are ones that have the height-adjustment mechanism that can move the backboard up and down through the use of a broomstick and a ratcheting system behind the backboard. Since then, Lifetime has also pioneered new designs in pneumatic lifts and other height-adjustment mechanisms. While most of Lifetime Products' basketball system designs are geared toward lower-end uses, Lifetime also developed a high-end model to handle more aggressive players. The Mammoth goals feature a tempered glass backboard and a large, square steel pole to support the weight. While Lifetime Products got their start with basketball systems, they have since branched out into tables, chairs, playground equipment, and sheds. Lifetime developed a blow-molding procedure with their folding tables and chairs that allow for a very sturdy, yet lightweight design. This design change was meant to provide strength for use while maintaining greater ease in portability. The plastic used in their blow-molding procedure is referred to as polyethylene plastic. This plastic is also UV treated so that it will avoid fading or cracking like other, older plastics. This plastic is used on their tables, chairs, playground equipment, and sheds.


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