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Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Planter Boxes Space Savings

Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit, # 60053 on AmazonLifetime garden boxes are an innovative new product from Lifetime Products. I recently purchased 2 of these boxes for our backyard garden. Last year we started what is commonly called square-foot gardening. The idea behind this gardening technique is that traditional gardening wastes upwards of 75% of available space for both walking space and spacing between plants. Square-foot gardening turns this idea upside down by eliminating the need for spacing between plants and rows. This is done through growing the plants up instead of out and concentrating the plants into a small area, such as a 4x4 area. By so doing, you utilize upwards of 85% of your available gardening space.

Our first attempts with Lifetime Gardening Boxes

We have had a great deal of success inch our first planting attempt. We have upwards of 30 corn stalks inch merely half of the Lifetime garden box alone. We also have 4 pepper plants and 8 square plants all inch the same planter box as the corn. In another Lifetime planter box we have 8 tomato plants, 4 more pepper plants, and a pumpkin vine. All of that is only 32 square feet!

Techniques for making Lifetime gardening boxes work for you

First of all, do not concern yourself so much with the recommended planting quantities and distances; generally speaking if there is enough space to grow the plant and the produce of the plant, you can plant away. Lastly, always remember to grow the plants up and rarely, if ever, out. Typically, this is best done using some sort of caging. We cage everything that does not support itself, like corn stalks. So, we cage the tomatoes, we cage the cucumbers, we cage the peas, beans, and just about everything else we can. By so doing, you save your lateral space for more plants and get all the produce you could want out of such little space. Have fun gardening.

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Bundled Products

Product Description: The Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit contains an Early Start clear vinyl plastic tent enclosure and two 4x4 garden beds that can be used separately or stacked for an extra-deep bed. It is designed with 8 easy-to-assemble interlocking panels of polyethylene ...

Product Description: Lifetime early start enclosure protects the seedlings inch your raised garden bed from frost and other outdoor elements. Constructed of clear plastic vinyl, this enclosure can be used alone or inch combination with the Lifetime Raised Garden Bed. It has a double door design with the exterior door made of clear plastic, and an interior door made of netting. The plastic door can be tied back during warm days and the net can tie back to allow for insect pollination.

Product Description: Rapidly increasing inch popularity, square foot gardening is the most practical, foolproof way to grow a home garden. That explains why author and gardening innovator Mel Bartholomew has sold more than two million books describing how to become a successful DIY square foot gardener...

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Date 9/7/2011


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