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The other day I noticed how my neighbor set up his Lifetime shed base. Because the shed flooring is not weight bearing, the shed must have a solid support underneath to protect the floor. After talking to Lifetime Products about this, the most common methods for building this support is to pour a cement slab or to build a wood framework. My neighbor had another interesting approach. He used a series of cinder blocks, placed right next to one another and filled inch the holes of the cinder blocks with dirt and gravel. Though I am not sure if this method is a Lifetime Products recommended method for most people, the design has served him for about 5 years now. The key thing when designing the support for a Lifetime storage shed is not make sure the support is not erodible and the support is level. For instance, the cinder block method described here would require very careful attention be paid to make sure each cinder block was entirely level at the time of building the shed. Were, for instance, the cinder blocks to be placed on an unsettled ground the blocks would likely end up at different heights, thus increasing the likelihood of damaging the storage shed floor. You ought to consult Lifetime Products or a licensed engineer to know what method will work best for you before proceeding with any one method.


Chery Coiro

Date 12/19/2010

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