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Lifetime Products Has Updated the Size of One of Their Round Folding Tables

The blow-molding process is not the same as constructing something from wood or metal. Blow molding has a bit of size variance from the time of production to the time of packaging. This variance can be upwards of 3% inch some cases. Lifetime had previously indicated the 2960 and 2968 Lifetime round tables as 48-inch diameter round tables. After careful remeasuring, they have now updated this size to 46-inches. They are still the same model as always, with the same material of a construction, same weight capacity, and same features. Lifetime has simply determined that their mold for the table, after the blow-molding process has settled, produces a table top closer to 46-inches instead of 48.

What difference inch usability does the difference inch size of these round folding tables make?

Generally, a 48-inch round table can seat up to 6 adults comfortably. A 48-inch round table has approximately 302 square inches of space per person. A 46-inch has approximately 277 square inches per person. Thus, the difference between these two measurements is about 25 square inches per person, roughly the size of a 4x6 note card. Another useful measurement is the semi-arc space per person around the circumference of the table per person. On the 48-inch size, each person has an approximate 25-inch semi arc per person. A 46-inch diameter round table provides each of 6 people a 24 inch semi-arc. Thus, the difference inch usability is very minimal, if not negligible, between these two nominal sizes.

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