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Lifetime Tables and Chairs: a new sort of seating solution

Many traditional designs of folding tables and folding chairs created a very cumbersome project for setup and take down. The problems with these previous versions of tables and chairs is that the material was not well suited for transportation and frequent set up and take down. These folding tables used heavy particle board or wood table tops. The steel used on the frame of the tables and chairs was also not prepared to withstand the abuses of outside use. Lifetime tables and chairs created a great alternative for the traditional folding table and chair design. Using a blow-molded plastic table top for their tables, and plastic for their seats and backs on their folding chairs,Lifetime has eliminated these previous problems.

How Lifetime folding tables and folding chairs are better suited for outdoor use

With many wedding receptions taking place outside, the traditional problems of tables and chairs must be addressed if a wedding planner is going to ease some of the labor required to put on even the simplest of receptions. Receptions always have guests and guests always need some place to sit. Lifetime tables and chairs solve the problems of weight and ill-prepared metal in two ways. The table tops are made with polyethylene plastic, which weighs far less than a particleboard top. To illustrate this, a comparison between Lifetime's model 22901 and Correll's model CF3072M will be made. Both of these models have a 72 inch by 30 inch table top and both are about 30 inches tall. The Lifetime table weighs in at about 34 lbs., while the Correll model weighs nearly double at about 61 lbs. The manufacturer powder coats all metal portions of the Lifetime tables and chairs, which helps them prevent rusting. Between these two benefits, most of the previous folding table and folding chair problems are resolved. Here is a closer look and polyethylene plastic.

Benefits of blow-molding

Blow molding refers to the process of blowing plastic into a mold. A huge benefit of this process over making something out of metal is that you can form the plastic into just about any desired shape. What many people notice - and Lifetime specifically designed for - when they sit in a Lifetime folding chair the great support they receive in their back and buttocks being held in a their natural positions. This design, made possible with polyethylene plastic,makes sitting for long periods of time much more comfortable than a traditional flat-seated metal folding chair. The other benefit with Lifetime's polyethylene plastic is that it is UV treated. This treatment means the plastic will not crack, fade, or peel like other plastics. So, whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors, Lifetime tables and chairs are a great fit. Finally, color options and available seating are very important to weddings, so these will now be considered.

Choice of colors and sizes of Lifetime Tables and Lifetime Chairs

For nearly every model of Lifetime table and Lifetime folding chair,all are made in both white and almond. White is by far the most popular of these colors. White is typically a match for many wedding colors as other colors have a higher tendency to clash with other colors of decorations. Another important color for the Lifetime chairs is black. Black chairs, although less common, sometimes create a fun color dynamic for weddings. While the sizes of chair do not vary much, Lifetime Products has many sizes of tables.The Lifetime round tables come in a 48 inch, a 60 inch, and a 72 inch diameter. These tables seat 6, 8, and 10 people respectively. While Lifetime does make many sizes of rectangular tables, the most applicable sizes for weddings are the 6 ft. and the 8 ft. model. These tables seat 6 and 8 people respectively.View YouTube Video about 72" Round Commercial Lifetime Tables and Chairs ComboGet four 72" round commercial grade folding tables and 40 folding chairs with this Lifetime Tables and Chairs Combo from Lifetime Products. Constructed from durable...

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