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Most churches throughout the United States have used the older wooden tables. They can be heavy, warped, cracked and chipped, and difficult on the back when moving around. Many churches contact us when they are replacing their wooden tables or adding to their existing plastic table furniture collection.  

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What do most churches order? That depends on the purpose.

Best selling Lifetime banquet tables for churches include either 60 inch round or 8 foot rectangular tables.  These are perfect for weddings, receptions, banquets, firesides, dinners, Sunday school, and both indoor and outdoor gatherings.


You'll notice that the round tables can sometimes serve a different purpose as it creates a setting where everybody faces each other and can help people become better acquainted with each other. The rectangular table, on the other hand may work better in more of a cafeteria style setting. The rectangular tables may work better depending on the layout of your room. Both seat the same-8 people.
You can save quite a bit of money by ordering in bulk. These tables come in many ordering quantities. A pallet load, for example, maybe 21 tables. They also come in smaller quantities such as 4 table packages and single quantities. You can purchase any quantity you like; however, it is a good idea to buy the bulk quantities rather than multiple single units-it simply cheaper.

Matching Chairs

All of our tables have matching chairs. The tables are heavy-duty, but the chairs are even more heavy-duty. We realize that you may have people of all sizes in your congregation and you need to make sure they are all comfortable. The chairs have a 500 pound weight capacity. They are contour, meaning, they are curved. It is one thing to sit on a completely flat cold metal chair, but it is quite another to sit on a curved, soft, plastic chair reinforced with steel. The lifetime chairs are surprisingly comfortable. They are used in stadium seating as well and designed to seat people for several hours on time.

They also come in multiple colors. These include white granite (2802), almond (2803), black (80061), and putty (80203).

How do we order?

There are several ways to order. Many churches will order directly from our website. Other churches prefer to pay with a check. If you need to pay with a check feel free to contact us for a special quote/invoice that includes all the information on where to send payment. Once payment is received your order ships out. Our number is 866-308-5484 or you can request a quote via email at [email protected]
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