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You may be asking, "Why can't I find my round Lifetime tables?"

In November, 2014 Lifetime discontinued their longtime round plastic folding tables in the white granite models 22970, 42970, and 2970. They also discontinued the same table in the almond colors 22971, 42971, and 2971. This has been a huge shock to many thousands of customers who have purchased just a few or to schools and churches who have several hundred of these older tables. Their dilemma? How to find a matching table. Unfortunately, there is no longer an exact match.

Why was the old style discontinued?

There are two major reasons the old style is no longer manufactured. First, the older style was very difficult to store when not in use. If you stack them laying flat the older style had the tendency to slide around. Sliding around is no good as tables can become scuffed or damaged. Second, customers were concerned about seating people around the table without people's knees smacking into the crossbars on the metal frame. Both reasons make sense and though there is no exact match to the older table models the newer redesigned model comes very close. In fact, many customers are so impressed with the newer design they have begun replacing their older tables.

Lifetime's new redesigned round folding tables. The newer table has the exact same color in both the plastic top and the table legs. So, if you are concerned that the newer model won't match the colors you have, worry no more. The newer model looks great with a contemporary look. The new leg design gets rid of the concerning crossbar altogether. Seat everyone - tall or short - around the table without worrying about straddling the legs.

Does this table have the same 2,000 lb. weight capacity?

You bet it does.

Does it have the same 10-year warranty through Lifetime?

You bet it does. The design was a step forward with improvements Lifetime is confident consumers will love. The newer tables are also called nesting or stacking tables since you can now store them without a cart required. Though you may need a cart if you want to transport them. The tables are molded to nest onto each other in a way that they won't slide off easily.

What are the new model numbers?

If you have existing white granite color tables then look for the single pack 280301, four pack 480301, and the 15 pack 880301. If you have existing almond colored tables then the newer replacement table in single packs is 280435, four packs 480435, and 15 packs 880435.

Many customers ask whether the rectangular tables were redesigned. They were redesigned, but there are no immediate plans to replace the older style. That is, the older style is still being manufactured by the tens of thousands with the same HDPE plastic. If you are a new customer you might consider investing in only the newer nesting tables as they older style is likely to be replaced in the future. The chairs have not been redesigned and will likely not change since chairs cannot take advantage of a nesting style. The future of plastic tables is the nesting/stacking style. Without compromising quality it allows you to store them in different ways. It allows more comfortable seating and includes the same warranty and weight capacity.

Update from the manufacturer regarding this change: "Here are some of the highlights of the new tables: In 2007 we switched from our pedestal leg to the crossbar style. When we went to this style of leg we received many complaints about leg room. We have further validated those complaints with additional market research and focus groups. The new design opens up the whole table so it is not uncomfortable to sit on two sides of the table. We have found that customers have been very receptive to the leg design. The nesting design of this table serves two purposes. The nesting design allows you to stack more tables in a smaller space. This is beneficial in both shipping and in customers homes or meeting houses. The nesting design also keeps them more organized. Our previous tables would slide around and didn't stack well. We have found that retail stores favor the new style and that the customers are also enjoying how well these organize. They test to all our commercial standards. We have tested these to the same standards as our old table and they pass all BIFMA commercial standards. Although these are lighter weight we have been able to maintain our commercial rating with a stronger design. They are lighter. This allows them to be moved with greater ease. It also cuts down of freight costs to the customer."



Date 7/17/2015


Date 7/19/2015

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