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Martial Arts Arcade Exercise by Makoto Arena, Sports Training Exercise
Martial Arts Arcade Exercise by Makoto Arena, Sports Training Exercise

Martial Arts Arcade Exercise by Makoto Arena, Sports Training Exercise

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Product: Makoto Arena II Exercise Equipment for Fitness, Sports Training, Martial Arts and Entertainment Industries.

Gain a Competitive Edge in athletics, recovery, concentration etc. with the Makoto Arena! Makoto is a fitness game that enters the new world of mental training - the final frontier of fitness. While giving "players" a great cardio workout, the primary health benefit of Makoto is the improvement of the neurological link between the brain and body. By improving this communication between the brain and body, dramatic improvements can be achieved in:

  • Eye/Hand coordination
  • Quickness and reaction time
  • Focus and concentration
  • Mental Acuity
  • Stress reduction
  • 1st Step" speed

Makoto is used by professional and collegiate sports teams, martial arts studios and community centers and more for a variety of "players". Other organizations using them include health clubs, chiropractors, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools and education institutions. These people include:

  • Competitive athletes
  • Students w/ ADHD
  • Youth
  • People with depression
  • People with memory concerns
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Many others& .
This fitness equipment is perfect for youth settings. YMCA centers all over America use this product to assist youth in furthering the health and fitness.

Makoto arenas come in two sizes (same price)

Small Arena- has a distance of 6 foot between towers; the total footprint occupied by the triangular arena is 7 foot 3" (from apex to base) x 10 foot 4" at the widest point. Weight 300 lbs

Large Arena- has a distance of 8 foot between towers; the total footprint occupied by the triangular arena is 8 foot 11" (from apex to base) x 10 foot 4" at the widest point. Weight 350 lbs

Both sizes have 6 foot towers in each corner and are made of stainless steel. Arena is a standard hammer tone gray (color may be changed with a $450 fee. Color change will take up to 6 weeks longer to ship). Assembling an arena takes less than 1 hour (your distributor will deliver and assemble the arena). The arenas require little or no maintenance, although the light bulbs, standard 1157 bulbs, need to be changed every few years. The electronic board is also maintenance-free. It records the accuracy for each game and average reaction time (i.e. the time between a light going on and the player striking it).

The patented Makoto Interactive Sports Arena has an aesthetic futuristic appearance with its crisp geometric lines and open frame. The arenas have high reliability, low maintenance and are easy to use. The arena structure and its components are all of the highest quality with UL, CSA and FCC certifications. No AC current runs through the arena, so no disruptive electro-magnetic interference is created. The power supply automatically switches between 60Hz 110v and 50hz 220 v AC electrical power for use anywhere in the world. The electrical current draw on a Makoto arena is 2 amperes.

An on-board computer controls the arena. This allows Makoto Arenas to have infinite upgradeability to the newest session formats or other features at minimal upgrade cost. This computer control gives you total configurability for basic session time, play formats, selection of cue tones (including a ten-tone blind play), deaf play adapter, and token mechanism or key control options.
A proprietary interface board contains custom circuitry for controlling the target lights. It also provides the high quality audio sound reproduction for the full range speakers in each of the arena towers. The arena target "cue tones" can be customized to your selection of standard sounds or ones of your creation/imagination.

New electronics allows 3 different software programs. The program desired is selected from the maintenance menu. Choices are:

1) Fitness - this is the standard fitness program available now. It will still have variable levels (1 to 10) and the ability to select 1, 2 or 3 tower play. In addition, you will be able to turn off more lights. For example, if someone has low back issues, we can now turn off all the lower targets.

2) Therapeutic - this is essentially the fitness program but is geared for the therapy market and slow-moving patients. The speed levels are much slower.

3) Game - This is geared for kids fitness. It has simplified instructions and 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Whereas the other two programs can run either a timed session or Sudden Death, session, this program is a combination of both. It will play a timed session (usually 90 seconds - this can be modified) and then go to a Sudden Death mode.

Tough Makoto Fitness Equipment Other Features:

  • Password protection available so that personal trainer, therapist, etc. is required to use equipment (also used in situations where payment is required to play game)
  • Volume level can be adjusted from the keypad
  • Speeds can be customized to each level
  • Sudden Death has now been broken out to 2 different games:
    1) Sudden Death Accelerated is essentially the same program we have now. The new program now gives you the ability to start at a level other than 1.
    2) Sudden Death will now be at a single level. Again, the game stops when you miss a target but all of the targets presented will be at a single speed level.
  • Targets will now be reactive as well. Initially, this is only seen in the Testing mode but future programs will allow the player to record a sequence.
  • New games - as we create new programs these will be available via a game card that can be uploaded to the equipment. For example, a law enforcement training program will have a single tone (to identify the active tower) but 3 lights will be lit on that active tower. Here in Colorado, they train the officers that if a situation gets to the point where they have to physically strike a suspect, to hit them 3 times, not just once. This program will help with that training. Music games are also in the works (1 octave per tower).
  • USB port allows data to be exported to a compute
  • Two arenas may now be connected for tandem play using a standard phone cable

Makoto is a new, unique and truly remarkable piece of equipment to add to any fitness, recreation or educational facility. The uniqueness of Makoto attracts more members, clients or visitors and the results give people a type of fitness they have never before experienced.

Young adults and kids enjoy Makoto for its virtual reality qualities; its lights, sounds and computerized live action competitive play.
Seniors enjoy Makoto for its variety of low impact workouts to keep the mind and body in shape.

Athletes enjoy the Makoto for its relentless, high speed presentation of targets, improving their reaction time, quick pattern recognition, mental clarity concentration and spontaneity of action. This group has quickly recognized the human performance and cross-training benefits of Makoto.

Makoto Arcade machines also make great virtual karate trainers.

Shipping Dimensions - It ships as 5 boxes on a pallet. The boxes are shrink-wrapped to the pallet. Total shipping weight is 400lbs.
If delivery is to a residence a lift gate will be needed which costs an extra $125 - $175.

"Free weights, protein shakes and strength coaches have revolutionized training in the last two decades. But that revolution may pale compared to what is coming& weight training changed athletes as we know them, but mind training will change sports as we know them!"
- Brad Hatfield, Kinesiology Professor, Univ. of Maryland

"I think that Makoto and the whole concept of mental training will revolutionize sports performance training!
Makoto workouts are remarkable! Hand-eye coordination, reaction time, quickness & it is incredible!" - Steve Hess Strength and Conditioning Coach The Denver Nuggets Basketball Team


Packaging Specs
Weight: 400 lbs
Dimensions: 0" x 0" x 0"

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