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New Kodiak Canvas Products Fall of 2019
Kodiak will finally be producing a tent that can accommodate a stove jack for extreme winter camping.  We have had many customers over the years ask about whether there exists a Kodiak tent with a stove option or whether they can add a stove kit to their existing tent.  Unfortunately, we have had to tell them no to both questions. Still, customers have sometimes added stove kits anyway. Generally they add them to the cabin tent that is 12' x 9' and has an attached sewn on awning that is 8' x 8.5' with an exposed floor. They would add a stove to the awning area since the ground is exposed and simply open the window and/or the door to let the heat dissipate throughout the main tent body.
It seems like those most interested in the stove tents are people who will be doing some type of extended camping-especially hunters. I think elk hunters seem to be the most interested taking a week or two or three to find the prize. They want their close dry and determined that the weather will not deter them.
The Lodge tent does not come with a stove or flu kit. The customer can purchase whatever size stove or kit they prefer. Fortunately, it does come with a high-quality stove Jack (an opening through the roof) that can be closed or open at the customer's preference. It zips closed from the exterior and is watertight.
True to Kodiak's reputation with quality they did not cut corners on this model. The floor is a high-quality 13.5 ounce vinyl with welded seams to keep water out. It has the YKK zippers (the best zippers on the market if you are a zipper nerd). It also has storm windows which allow for ventilation during the storm. They are simply angled downward and can be staked down allowing the window to receive air from an updraft.
Now, for my favorite part about this tent. Previously, Kodiak's cabin tents had an awning option, but it was sewn on. This one offers an 8 x 8 awning that zips on. In other words, if you aren't sure whether you need the awning or you can't afford it at the time you purchase the tent-no worries-you can always purchase it later. It increases your tent size by just over 40% allowing you to keep gear drying out of the rain. Some people like to bring pets and need to keep them safe inside the enclosure, but they do not let them inside the tent-especially if they have sharp paws. 
There are other smaller intricacies worth mentioning which include the fact that it is 7.5 feet tall, includes six large windows, includes two events, has stainless steel wire stake loops, includes galvanized poles to prevent rusting, but most importantly it is canvas.  It has plenty of guy ropes to keep it up in crazy storms and is a simple set-up.  Two people are recommended for set-up.  
We are super excited about this tent and will post reviews, questions and answers about the 6170, and will have a video demo soon.  Stay tuned and please feel free to ask any questions below. 


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Date 11/29/2019

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Date 10/11/2021

Chris Dare

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