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We live in a time where the news is riddled with reports of hacking and fraud. From elections to credit report companies, we have lost a great deal of confidence in the last few months when it comes to information and credential safety. Competitive Edge is aware of that new dynamic in the marketplace. Fortunately, we have a very robust system with an IT department working tirelessly to keep the latest best practice protocols and safety measures in place. You can safely order from

Now Accepting ApplePay

In addition to our flawless record we are happy to announce that we now accept Apple Pay. Many people today do not carry cumbersome wallets or purses filled with credit cards. Apple Pay allows you to purchase by using your Apple device(older devices may not work) and you can purchase through us just as quickly and efficiently as you can at the gas station or supermarket. No need to create an account, when using Apple Pay your Apple device will ask you at that moment where the product needs to be shipped. It takes about 5 seconds to use Apple Pay, whereas entering a credit card number, billing address, shipping address,email address, telephone number, and so forth can take several minutes and is subject to typo errors.

Competitive Edge Accepts Apple Pay

Buy from your Mac or iPhone

Now, order fast, conveniently, and in safety using Apple Pay at Competitive Edge Products, Inc. Established in 2002. For more information visit us at

Learn how to set up Apple Pay on your device:


Charles Hansen

Date 4/4/2018

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