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Oklahoma Sound 6010 Aristocrat Floor Sound Lectern

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Perfect for smallest to largest venues. Executive style podium includes 50-watt multimedia, amplifier 2 built-in speakers, surrounded by gold appointments
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SKU:6010Lectern by National Public Seating
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Multiple Color Choices
2 Built-in Speakers 8" Speakers Included
Includes Microphones, Holders, Digital Timepiece, and Casters
50 Watt Amplifier
Assembly Required

The Model #6010 Aristocrat is an illustrious, executive-style sound lectern of fine and spacious cabinetry adorned with gold-colored trimming. Its 50-watt amplifier with two built-in 8" speakers is just right for venues like large conference rooms and auditoriums that hold an audience of around 2,500. Multimedia capabilities include simultaneous usage with two wired and one wireless (optional) microphones. This sound lectern comes complete with a handheld mic with 9' cable and a tie-clip/lapel mic with 10' cable. It operates either by AC plug or with optional battery model PS12-V and features input jacks for CD players, extension speakers, recording outputs and playing MP3s. Includes a surface-mounted digital timepiece is included for monitoring speech duration and four concealed easy-roll casters (two locking) for smooth mobility. Ships ready to be assembled.

  • Includes 50-Watt Multimedia Amplifier
  • Two Built-In 8’’Speakers
  • Includes One Handheld Mic And One Tie-Clip/Lavaliere Mic
  • Equipped With One Digital Timepiece
  • Flexible Gooseneck Arm
  • Input/output Lines For Media Players, Extension Speakers, Recording And Playing Mp3S
  • High-Pressure Thermal-Fused Laminate On A MDF Core
  • Durable Scratch Resistance Surface
  • Equipped With Four Roll Casters, Two Locking
  • Assembly Required
  • 10 Year Warranty
Aristocrat Sound lectern - Model 6010 Perfect for the smallest to largest venues. Executive style podium includes 50-watt multimedia amplifier with two built-in 8" speakers surrounded by gold appointments. Includes Microphones, Holders, Digital Timepiece, and rolls on four casters. For audiences up to 2,500 people. Assembly required. Colors: Mahogany with Black Edging Dimensions: 251/4" W x 46" H x 201/4" D. 
Assembly Tips 
Do not use a sharp instrument such as a knife or a screwdriver to open the packaging, as this may scratch or possibly damage the unit. 
All assembly should be done on a clean protected surface such as carpet or the like. 
Make sure that you have all the required parts. A list of all the parts is included. 
Read instructions carefully and follow diagrams to ensure easy and correct assembly. 
Care of your Cabinet 
All exterior and interior exposed surfaces are melamine covered as well as edges in matching patterned melamine material. To refresh the appearance, wipe the surface with a cloth soaked lightly in furniture oil. Avoid the speaker grill area Your cabinet will look as good as new.

700 Series Amplifier Operating Instructions 
Operating Precautions 
Before operating the amplifier, be sure you fully understand all instructions and features of the amplifier. DO NOT turn amplifier on until all input and output connections have been made. NEVER replace fuses unless power is off. 
Microphone Input Connection 
The microphone input accepts 1/4" phone jack. Do not position microphone next to or facing speakers. This may cause acoustic feedback. 
Auxiliary Input 
One auxiliary input is provided for radio tune; tape recorder, CD player or multimedia equipment. Output level is adjusted by the auxiliary volume control. 
Tone/equalization Controls 
The Low and High frequency controls are similar to the bass and treble controls found on most stereo systems. Optimum tone is achieved by first setting both knobs halfway; adjust Low and High frequency controls to suit environment. 
Power Supply 12V DC Operation 
Connect a 12 volt rechargeable battery 5 amp (not included) to the battery input connector located on the panel of the amplifier (using 6' battery cable). Note the positive line is equipped with an in-line fuse, as this is the only polarity identifier. Be sure that the positive line (in-line fuse) is connected to the positive pole of the battery (Red terminal) and the negative line (no fuse) is connected to the negative pole (Black terminal). When lectern is plugged into a standard wall outlet, the battery will automatically recharge. Green indicator light illuminates during recharge mode. 
Set Mic volume control on lowest when turning unit on. 
Ensure correct polarity for D.C. supply connections. 
Reverse connections will blow the fuse and may damage internal circuitry. 
Always replace fuse with specified rating. 
Removal and Installation of Amplifier 
If your amplifier has to be removed for servicing — follow these simple steps: 
1) Disconnect A/C wall plug. 
2) Remove 4 side screws two on each side panel under amp top. 
3) Disconnect speaker wire at rear of amplifier. 
4) Pack it into a strong box with ample cushioning and return to factory 
5) To install new amplifier reverse the above procedure.

Manufacturers Warranty
Our lectern undergoes the most rigid and exacting tests for superior quality and performance before leaving the factory. Our lectern is made in America by American craftsmen. Oklahoma Sound Corporation warrants this product to be free from defective material and workmanship for five years from the date of resale by an authorized Oklahoma Sound distributor. Oklahoma Sound will replace defective parts and repair malfunctioning products under this warranty when the defect occurs under normal installation and use, provided the unit is returned to our factory via prepaid transportation after direct authorization and approval by Oklahoma Sound. This warranty provides that examination of the returned product must disclose in our judgment, a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not extend to any product which has been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation, or where the serial number has been removed or defected and is given in lieu of any other warranty implied or expressed and will not cover any consequential damages.
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