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What should you consider with ordering either a portable basketball hoop or an inground basketball hoop?

Frequently, customers ask us what type of system is best, or what kind they should purchase - inground or portable. If this describes your current stage in purchasing a basketball goal for your home, please consider these things below.

Portable Basketball Hoop Checklist - If you answer yes to all, most of, or more than the inground checklist, portable might be the way to go

  • Do you need to be able move the system around?
  • Do you have building restrictions that forbid permanent basketball systems from being installed?
  • Do you intend on playing light basketball with minimal, if any, dunking?
  • Do you have times of the year that you will need to take the basketball hoop down?
  • Do you foresee wanting to easily take the system with you in the event you move?
View this site which is all about portable basketball hoops.

In Ground Basketball System Checklist - If you answer yes to all, most of, or more than the portable checklist, inground might be the way to go

  • Do you intend on playing aggressively with the system heavy dunking?
  • Are you allowed to install permanent basketball systems on your property?
  • Do you prefer the stability in the system over the convenience of moving the goal around?
  • Do you want a full-sized backboard?



Date 5/17/2014

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