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Lifetime Products Portable Folding Table Designs

Lifetime Products has several tables that are easily portable. These designs include options like fold-in-half tables, carrying handles, camping tables with benches, and folding picnic tables. Each design has some overlapping uses and some specific uses. Here is a run down of these tables, with their model numbers for easy searching.

Fold-in-Half Tables

These types of portable tables come in 4 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot models. These types of Lifetime table allow for compact storage and easy transportation. Many customers that use this type of table are those needing a lightweight table that can fit in small areas to transport around. Customers like this include DJ's, wedding receptionists, party planners, and home uses. These model numbers include 80174, 80175, 4428, and 24534.

Carrying Handles

Several tables have carrying handles that will assist in moving these tables around. These handles are on the table top edge. Some of these tables include the fold-in-half models from Lifetime, but others are simply adjustable tables or regular folding-leg tables. Model numbers that have carrying handles include 4428, 80161, 80160, 24534, 80174, and 80175.

Folding Picnic tables

Picnic tables are normally a very large, difficult-to-transport object; however, when you can fold the table flat, it becomes much easier. Lifetime rectangular picnic tables can all fold flat, which makes managing the transportation much easier. Picnic tables from Lifetime that can do this include models 2119, 2123, 80215, and 80123. View This Lifetime Folding Table VideoWhile on the topic please consider our Kodiak canvas tents for camping in rugged conditions.



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