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Power Systems Extra Light Strength Resistance Yellow Premium VersaTube
Power Systems Extra Light Strength Resistance Yellow Premium VersaTube

Power Systems Extra Light Strength Resistance Yellow Premium VersaTube

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Power Systems Exercise Equipment Premium Versa-Tube-Perform strength resistance exercises through a full range of motion.
SKU:VersaTubeYellow by Power Systems
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Padded Handles
Perform Strength and Fitness Exercises
Resistance Through Full Range of Motion
Multiple Resistance Levels for All Fitness Needs
Instructions Included with Power System Premium Versa Tubes

Product: 1 Strength and Fitness Exercise Equipment Resistance Premium Yellow Versa-Tube

Perform strength and fitness exercises with resistance through a full range of motion. Multiple resistance levels to accommodate all fitness needs. Padded handles. Instructions included with power system premium versa tubes. Length: 48" Wt. 1 lb.

Power-Systems Resistance Tubes Fitness Equipment will help tone your muscles with resistance.

  • Versa Tube Padded handles fit more comfortably in hands.
(extra light)
Youth and those with little or no exercise activity.
Some exercise activity.
Advanced beginners and those who regularly exercise. Starting size for most men.
More advanced exercisers, good for training large muscle groups.
(extra heavy)
Highly trained with correct form and technique.
*Resistance levels are measured at 100% elongation, twice the outstretched length and should not be stretched beyond this point.

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