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Having a difficult time assembling your Lifetime shed, basketball hoop, or any other product?

Assembly can be difficult for some products purchased online. Sometimes you get a bunch of parts and set of instructions and you just cannot seem to match up the part with the step inch the instructions. Fortunately, most all of our products do have suppliers that run customer service lines that can assist inch assembly help. For instance, Lifetime Products, while having excellent product lines, are notorious for having lots of little parts that can be difficult to work with. Don't stress. Instead, contact Lifetime Products at 1-800-225-3865.

Contact us for help getting help

If you bought your product from us, chances are our supplier has a customer service line that can assist with assembly. Call or email us with your order number, or ordering information, and we will help you get inch touch with the right people for assembly help if available.



Date 12/2/2013

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