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Lifetime Products Basketball Backboards Materials:Of all of the basketball system manufacturers, Lifetime Products might be the trickiest. The most basic materials used on systems are: plastic, polycarbonate, acrylic, and glass. Of these 4, glass and plastic do not have substitute names. Lifetime Products uses polyethylene plastic on their plastic systems, which would be the only thing tricky with plastic backboard purchases. As for glass, glass is glass. The only difference you may see between manufacturers is the thickness of the glass; but, all factories call glass, glass. 90062, 90014 and 90180 are examples of systems with glass backboards. As for polycarbonate, Lifetime has several names for this material. All of these names essentially refer to the exact same material. These names would include: Makrolon, polycarbonate, and Shatter Guard. Models where this understanding would be important would be in certain comparisons such as comparing the Portable Basketball Systems models (currently in production at the time this article was written) 71522, 71523, and 71524. All of these feature just about the same specs, except for the backboard material. You will notice that the 71523 and 71524 refer to a Shatter Guard or Makrolon backboard. These both refer the polycarbonate. On the other hand, when you look at the 71522, you will notice it mentions a "fusion" backboard. In all cases, when a Lifetime Products system refers to a "fusion" backboard, it is referring to Acrylic. An attempt of differentiating these two backboard types will not be done in this article; you should just take note that acrylic and polycarbonate are different and have slightly different functionality.Spalding Basketball Backboards Materials:The last explanatory feature concerning basketball backboards is to mention Spalding's "Eco-Composite" backboard type. Essentially, this is a plastic-like material made from completely recycled components. Eco-Composite is very comparable to Lifetime Products' polyethylene plastic and has the same functionality. Have fun shopping! We are authorized reseller's for Lifetime Products and Spalding Basketball systems. Come see us for any questions or product inquiries for any Basketball Backboards.

View YouTube Video "Lifetime Basketball Systems, Performance""Michael Sweeten, Lifetime's Sporting Goods Product Manager, describes the various kinds of basketball systems, backboards, and rims, taking the guesswork out... "


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