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We often get asked questions about which replacement basketball backboards go with which basketball systems. Hopefully this will be a helpful guide for you while you search.

Lifetime 79910 Replacement Basketball Backboard
The first thing to know when searching for a replacement backboard is to know who manufactures your current system. This is important because you will need to match up manufacturers when you get a new backboard system; i.e., Lifetime Products basketball systems with Lifetime Basketball Backboards, and Spalding / Huffy basketball backboards with Spalding / Huffy basketball systems. If you do this, you have fought half the battle.

The next thing to consider is the size of the pole of your current system. We usually are asked why that matters when we tell customers they need to know that spec before they shop for a backboard. The answer is that the replacement basketball backboards mount to your pole based on the mounting arms, which are specific to the size of the pole. In other words, the mounting arms on a system are sized based on the size of the pole; and, the basketball backboards available are mountable only to certain sized poles. In the case of Lifetime Products, if you have a pole that measures 3.5" inch diameter (about 11" inch circumference"), any of the available Lifetime backboards should be adaptable to that system. In the case of Spalding / Huffy, it is a little more tricky. The concern is still to figure out what size pole you have, but from there you will almost always need some kind of reassurance from Huffy / Spalding. For these systems, either a 3.5" diameter round pole or a 4" square pole will typically work for their replacement backboards. If you have either of these, you should be fine with at least one of the models we carry. We typically then give you the model numbers that will work based on your pole size, and then we will have you call Huffy / Spalding just to verify if they will work with your system. Once you have their okay, you can feel free to order.

Last thing to consider is the age of your system. Typically, manufacturers do not change the configuration of their systems much as that will limit their sales inch the future. However, over time certain designs are improved upon and other systems will go obsolete. If you system is 7 years or younger, you should be safe with just replacing the backboard. However, if you system is older you may need to replace themounting brackets as well. Both Lifetime Products and Huffy / Spalding produce mounting brackets for their systems that will mount to an existing pole.

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