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SO Big Stuff 367001/367000 Play set Earth tone Large Deck 3 Swing Set
SO Big Stuff 367001/367000 Play set Earth tone Large Deck 3 Swing Set

SO Big Stuff 367001/367000 Play set Earth tone Large Deck 3 Swing Set

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Product Big Stuff 367001 / 367000 Large Clubhouse with attached 3-position swing bar (includes two belt swings and one trapeze), heavy-duty polyvinyl roof and marine quality polypropylene decking, nearly 8 foot tall integrated 3-D climbing wall, rung ladder, 9 foot wave slide, ships wheel and binoculars. Also includes large cargo net and propeller swing under deck.

Local pickup available in Clearfield, UT.

Optional: You can purchase separately a full-bucket Infant/Toddler Swing, model 413000, to match your 367001 Earth Tones Play Set.

Click here to view specifications and diagrams of the 367001 Large Play Set.

This model available in Earth Tones (Hunter Green, Pearl, Moccasin). Another model is available in Primary Colors (Red, Blue, Yellow) 357001

Overall play area:

Total safety area - 27 ft 9 in x 29 ft 8 in
Total area of unit - 13 ft 11 in x 15 ft 9 in
Height of unit - 138" (with roof up) 94" (with roof down)
Critical fall height - 91.5"
Height of deck - 5

Clubhouse main structure/supports

A-frame pole, clubhouse side tubing 16 GA, 3 in. round w/ inserts
Upright pole tubing 16 GA, 3 in. round, 92.15 in. long
D-tube 14 GA, steel
Deck support tubing 18 GA, steel
Cross brace tubing 18 GA, steel
Rail tubing 16 GA, 1.5 in. square

Under clubhouse swing 1.5 in. square, polyethylene seat, dipped chain

Deck - marine quality texture, polypropylene plastic

-55.95 x 45.18 x .5 in.


Support structure tubing 16 GA, 1.5 in. round / 1.5 in. square
Canvas roof reinforced polyvinyl

Side support pole tubing 3 in. round, 16 GA, 64 in. long
2 rung ladder weldment - tubing 18 GA, 1.25 in. round

Climbing Wall
Support pole tubing 18 gauge steel
Climbing panel - polyethylene plastic blow-molded to look like rock, 91.5 in. tall

Slide - blow-molded polyethylene plastic

Binoculars - blow-molded polyethylene plastic

Ships Wheel - blow-molded polyethylene plastic w/ clicker

Cargo Net 5/8 in. rope

Swing Bar Assembly- measure 7 ft tall

Swing Set weight capacity - 900 lbs.

Swing Bar tubing 16 GA, 3 in. round, 94 in. long
Swing assembly (3 position / 2 belt swing, 1 trapeze)
Chain 3/16 in. welded links, Soft Grip coating
Swing plastic, 5.5 x 26 in.
Trapeze bar w/handles 1.25 in. round, 18 in. long
A-frame support pole tubing 16 GA, 3 in. round w/ inserts
Bent a-frame angle corner Tubing 16 GA, swaged, 15 in. bent at 60 degrees
Cross brace 16 GA, 1.66 in. round

Hardware 5/16 in. steel bolts coated in grade 5 zinc
Powder coat approx. 4 mil (varies), commercial grade UV-resistant

The 367001 Play Set includes a chalkboard.

15 year manufacturers warranty

Customer Reviews: "Just wanted to let you know that we received the rope ladder and installed it yesterday. Again, thanks so much for your prompt assistance with this. We appreciated it very much." C T

This is not just your ordinary swing set! Its like a trip to the park in the privacy of your own backyard. The climbing wall is in a class of its own with the hand and foot holds cut out of the panel. Each Big Stuff clubhouse meets or exceeds safety standards for backyard playground equipment and is virtually maintenance free. They also include simple assembly instructions with illustrations.

Transit Time

Packaging Specs
Weight: 630 lbs
Dimensions: 110" x 32" x 40"

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