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SO DMI Sports HT470 Deep Apron Hockey Table + Air Motors Goal Flex
SO DMI Sports HT470 Deep Apron Hockey Table + Air Motors Goal Flex

SO DMI Sports HT470 Deep Apron Hockey Table + Air Motors Goal Flex

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SKU:HT470 by DMI Sports
Product: DMI Sports HT 470 Hockey Table Powered by Air Blower Motors with a Deep Apron and Goal-Flex technology


The HT470 8 Table Hockey Game comes equipped with Goal-Flex technology, and a fully programmable computer inside the console unit making it capable of running more than 180 game variations. The standard goal slots are replaced with motion detecting LED light bars making it so the puck never leaves the table surface; and because there are no standard goal slots, you can enjoy continuous fast play or a solo game.

DMI HT470 Key Features

- 8 Hockey Table
-Goal Flex 180- with side scoring display
-Full aluminum rails
-Powered with two air blower motors
-Full 11" apron
-Table Size: 96" x 50"
-Patent Pending

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DMI Sports HT470 Hockey Table comes with motion detecting LED light, moving goals that can even split in two for 2 on 1 and 2 on 2 games. Either play a traditional game of table hockey or customize it with the interactive features.

1 Stars
The product is discontinued!
This table first worked for us. Then, one goal side would automatically get goals, one after the other, even though nothing was touching the goal. We had to purchase a new score box. Then we replaced the wires. Also, we replaced the score goals. Nothing was working. There is a design flaw that was causing the wires to split in a certain place. Finally, with our third set of wires, wrapping the problem areas with electrical tape to protect them from splitting, and not screwing down one side of the goal rail, our table is working. When we screw in the rail, that little bit of extra pressure causes the goal to score improperly. As soon as it breaks again, we will take a sledgehammer to it and buy a pool table.
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Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 11/25/2009
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