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SO Running Parachute Power Systems Small Power Chute Speed Resistance
SO Running Parachute Power Systems Small Power Chute Speed Resistance

SO Running Parachute Power Systems Small Power Chute Speed Resistance

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Power Chute Parachute Speed Resistance Running Exercise Equipment and Conditioning Training Device.
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Air resistance Training Parachute
Increases Explosiveness for all Sports


The Power Chute Speed Parachute running sport is a great way to use air resistance training parachutes to strengthen training athletes.

Plyometric Parachute Sprint Training:

The running Power Chute allows both training device parachute resistance training and over-speed training drills without a partner. Improves 2 key elements of speed; stride length and frequency. Speed training chute for runners opens for resistance. Velcro belt allows for mid-stride release during the sprint for over speed effect. These power chutes for athletic running increase speed, explosiveness, and acceleration.

Motivation from Running Parachutes:

Athletes love that "shot out of a cannon" feeling immediately felt after releasing the Power parachute train fitness product- Gain increasing explosive speed for sports such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and martial arts after using drill techniques. Increase speed in all sports by training with this product.

Sports Training Parachute / Running Chute comes with: Speed Harness Adjustable belt with storage pocket (fits 20" to 42" waist) and instructions. Parachute Speed Resistance Training Exercise Parachutes weight: 1 lb. each.

*Sprinting Speed Chute parachute for running training does not include training programs.

Running Training Equipment Parachute to improve speed has advantages over Competitors Fitness Parachute speed training chutes products.

The Power Chute"! provides both resistance and over-speed training to improve the two key elements of speed, stride length, and frequency. The chute opens during training runs on running resistance parachutes and the Velcro belt allows for mid-stride release for over-speed training. Customers of our have also used these Chutes For Ice Hockey conditioning.

Diversity: Waist belt allows for training in any direction, even on curves. Quickly and easily attach like running resistance straps. It is the ideal parachute training device for any sport.

Superior Product: Built-in mesh panels eliminate the incidence of tangling strings found with other chute models and help to stabilize the chute during training runs.

Power Chute Includes: Parachute sprinting adjustable belt with storage pocket (fits 20 to 42 waist) and instructions. Power Chutes for speed training weigh about 1 lb. each.

Competitive Edge Products is an authorized reseller of the resistance chute speed chutes and the power sled running sled sports training equipment.

Purchase multiple resistance running parachutes/power chutes speed products together to get volume discounts on products and shipping! We also carry other running equipment products, PowerChute Resistance Training Equipment and Competitive Edge sports equipment.

Power Systems Portable Fitness Equipment and Parachute Speed Training Products generally ship via UPS.

Power Chute includes a logo on the back of the chute.

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Athletic PowerChute Fitness Equipment Features:

  • The PowerChute parachute for resistance in running is one of the best running chutes parachute training accessories on the market.
  • Resistance running drills and strength training parachute over speed training workout in the same run.
  • XL Power Chute Speed Training Parachute aid is the largest exercise chute on the market - resistance chute exercise is effective for conditioning.

Conditioning Sprint Running Parachutes Dimensions of Workout Parachutes for Sale:

  • Small Workout Parachute - 40 inches x 40 inches.
  • Medium Speed Training Parachutes for Running - 48 inches x 48 inches.
  • Large Sprint Training Parachute for Runners - 56 inches x 56 inches.
  • Extra Large Runners Parachute - 70 inches x 70 inches.
Power Chute Parachute For Running "! Size Chart
Athlete Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Under 170 lbs. S S, M M, L
170 to 210 lbs. S, M M, L L, XL
Over 210 lbs. M, L L, XL XL & S, XL & M
Triathlete Training Speed Parachutes Sizes
Small Parachute For Sprinting 15 lbs. Running Parachute Resistance* 40 inches x 40 inches
Medium Speed Chutes 20 lbs. resistance* 48 inches x 48 inches
Large Run Parachutes 30 lbs. resistance * Runner Parachute 56 inches x 56 inches

*Power Fitness Chute Resistance Parachutes / Speed Training Resistance Chutes Approximate
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