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SO Suzanne Somers BodyRow XL 200 TM Exercise Machine Body Row
SO Suzanne Somers BodyRow XL 200 TM Exercise Machine Body Row

SO Suzanne Somers BodyRow XL 200 TM Exercise Machine Body Row

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Replaced by Body Row Signature Series Suzanne Somers BodyRow Body Row Exercise Machine
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SKU:7505 by Fitness Essentials
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Discontinued Sorry, the manufacturer is out of business. Why are there no parts? About 10 years ago Suzanne Somers ran infomercials for this item. Once the infomercials were over the product life cycle was over and the item was discontinued altogether. There are no replacement bands, rollers, or parts whatsoever, and have not been for many years. To our knowledge, there is nobody that carries a part that works with this machine. If you happen to find a company that carries parts please let us know. See More Great Exercise Equipment!

Fitness Essentials went out of business. This product is no longer available.
Product: TerraStar 7505 Suzanne Somers BodyRow XL 200"! Rowing Exercise Machine Body Row.

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Nationally recognized television star and well known for her health and beauty lifestyle, Suzanne Somers introduces the BodyRow. The BodyRow is a unique product idea that will help sculpt and tone your body and give you the results your looking for from your aerobics workout with this excellent piece of Suzanne Somers cardio equipment.

The Suzanne Somers Body Row XL 200 gives you an aerobic, strength, and toning workout all in one! The TerraStar Body Row XL200 exercise machine will help you tone up and burn calories easily and with a fun-to-do exercise machine. What parts of the body work with the row machine? While giving you all the benefits of a traditional rowing machine, the Body Row allows you to isolate your upper body, and lower body, or even work your entire body at the same time. But that is not all, with the provided resistance bands, you can make your exercise workout even more intense by focusing on muscle building, or leaving it at a low resistance for a better toning and cardio exercise. It's a low-impact workout, which eases the tension and stress on your joints. And keep track of the distance, calories, burned, timing, and speed with the attached electric console. So regardless of your fitness level, Suzanne Sommers row machine is designed to accommodate all levels and goals while using your strength workout equipment.

Suzanne Somers Exercise Machine Dimensions are approximate: 52" x 32" x 7" when set up.

Suzanne Somers Body Row Machines Have the Following Features:
  • Rowing Machines Give Total Body Workout
  • Smooth gliding motion
  • Body Rows Have comfortable seat with a backrest
  • Resistance Cords for traditional rowing action
  • Foot platform isolates lower body
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • Four Power Cords/Workout Bands can be added or taken off to vary resistance training
  • Workout video featuring Mitch Gaylord - 1984 Olympic Gold medalist
  • Low impact exercise
  • Multiple position rowing bar for varied exercises
  • Suzanne Somers Body Rower provides easy movement and storage
  • Electronic Console counts calories, time, speed, distance
  • Easy to assembly, takes just minutes
  • Adjustable Resistance Exercises

**Replacement parts for body row machines are best to get from the manufacturer of the Suzanne Summers BodyRow: TerraStar - TerraStar does not have a website.

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Discontinued Sorry, the manufacturer is out of business.
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Discontinued Sorry, Try our Other Items

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